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Physical Education

Our Vision for Physical Education

The intent of P.E at St Urban’s is to encourage a desire in children to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. This lifestyle can then be applied and enhanced through the participation in competitive and non-competitive sport.

By implementing in lessons the key skills of physical activity, through a range of solo and team activities/sports, children will develop their understanding of physical education and grow to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

This will in turn impact both their physical and mental well-being allowing them to flourish into confident and happy individuals who have a desire to participate in sport and have an understanding of the positive impact sport can make on their own life as well as others. 

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Academic Year 2020 - 21

2020 - 21 will mark a return to a slight normality in the sporting world. The postponed 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the postponed Euro 2020 Finals are set to place in 2021. Many other sporting events are set to be reinstated, including the resumption of the rugby union's halted Six nations. All of this sporting action will provide great entertainment but will of course take place under very different circumstances and procedures.


This is certainly the case as well with regards to how our children partake in Physical Education or sporting activities. The utmost care and attention will be taken to ensure our children are learning and competing in a safe and socially-distanced way that meets the Government's guidelines.


Staying active is more important than ever now which is why St Urban's has joined a new initiative to keep children active and enjoying P.E from their home. Each week P.E homework will be given from the P.E Challenges Homework Scheme. Click the link below for more details.


Extra Curricular Sport 2020-21



Cross Country



St. Urban's Sports Premium

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