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The aim of the curriculum is to ensure our children become engaged and enthused by the learning that takes place across school. Through an inspiring, meaningful and value enriched curriculum we will give our children the platform to flourish, as well-rounded members of a community, now and later in life. 


The curriculum focuses on the child as a learner, allows breadth and depth of learning and offers challenge and enjoyment. This is all achieved through a thematic curriculum across three themes throughout the year.


Maths follows the White Rose Hub Scheme and more details can be found on the Maths curriculum area page. Music and P.E follow a structured pattern and are delivered in part by external organisations, more can be found on the respective curriculum pages.


In school R.E has the status of a Core Subject and helps to drive a value enriched curriculum. We utilise the Diocese of Leeds teaching scheme 'The Way, The Truth and The Life.


Click below to see what takes place in each area of the curriculum across school. Alternatively, view the curriculum as a whole or across each year group further down the page.



Curriculum Overviews

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End Of Year Expectations

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Key Objectives 

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