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The Catholic Life of our School


In December, the Faith in Action group visited Sacred Heart School with some pupils from Immaculate Heart to take part in an Advent Reflection. The children had time to stop and think, play and pray, gaining insight into how to best get prepared during Advent for Christmas. Every member of the group was an excellent ambassador for St Urban’s. Many thanks to Sacred Heart for inviting us.

Harvest donations to the SVP

Thank you, once again, for your generous donations of tins and packet food. All of this was taken to St Vincent’s (off the York Road in Leeds) this week to be used to help those living in food poverty in Leeds and be distributed across the city. 

Alicia and Isla B, from our Faith In Action Group, accompanied Mrs McDonagh, Mrs Dobson and Miss McStay down to St Vincent’s on Tuesday. Pictured is only a fraction of the food sent in to us in school, and from St. Jeanne Jugan Parishioners at our Mass together with Sacred Heart School last Sunday 8th October, 2023.

The Staff at St. Vincent’s have invited all of our Faith In Action group back sometime over the next term to have a talk about food poverty. This will undoubtedly teach us a lot about how to value what we have, help those who don’t have much, and learn the importance of reaching out and accepting help when it is needed.

Our Parish Priest, Fr. Gerard Kearney

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