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Modern Foreign Languages

Welcome to the St. Urban's 'Modern Foreign Languages' page

Our chosen language for KS2 is French, based on staff knowledge and availability of quality resources.   


It is our aim to develop children’s experiences of languages and exploration of the way language works, with comparison to patterns and structures of English. We believe that, in a country so increasingly rich in cultural diversity, we have a responsibility to the children to offer a better understanding of other cultures and languages. This intention aims to, in turn, positively impact upon the children’s own cultural identity.

As language-learning presents such natural opportunities for cross-curricular links, we believe this to also benefit children’s overall learning experience. Our provision of exciting and challenging lessons aim to develop positive attitudes to language-learning throughout life.


French is delivered to Key Stage 2 children in lessons of at least thirty minutes per week by the class teacher or MFL co-ordinator. Teachers plan their lessons based on the ‘La Jolie Ronde’ French scheme-of-work. Lessons have a clear objective and are differentiated suitably so that each and every child can enjoy and achieve, according to their learning style. French lessons are designed to ensure plenty of modelled language and opportunities to retain new language, with an emphasis on speaking and listening. When appropriate, children will record work in exercise books. Lessons aim for a balance of whole class, group and independent learning.

Below is an outline of the French language coverage taught within KS2:

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