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Year 5 2021 - 2022.

Welcome to Year 5's class page. Here, you will be able to keep up to date with the exciting things Year 5 have been up to in class. 

Mrs Shaw and Mrs McDonagh.

Tuesday 19th July.

Ice cream was definitely needed this afternoon! 

Tuesday 19th July.

Y5 are keeping cool with our foot spas! 

Friday 8th July.

Today, Year 5 made the short trip round to the day at Cardinal Heenan High School for a taster day. The children took part in three lessons: a careers lesson, Science or English and finally PE. It was lovely to see the children making new friends with children from the local Catholic primary schools. A great day had by all! 

Thursday 7th July.

The children may have come into school very tired this morning following our residential, but after an hour of a Samba drum workshop, they were well and truly awake! The children had lots of fun playing the different instruments and, as you can see from the photos and video, they put on a great performance! Well done, Year 5!

Wednesday 6th July

The final day of our residential. We walked to Pannett Park and had a play before heading up the 199 steps. We have had a lovely few days and lots of happy memories have been made!

Tuesday 5th July

Today, we have walked to Sandsend and had great fun playing and eating ice cream! After a long walk back and a brief rest, we headed to Crazy Golf. Currently having tea before heading back out for a paddle in the splash pool. Hopefully they’ll all sleep well tonight!

Monday 4th July

A fantastic first day of residential for Y5! The children were fascinated by the birds of prey. The boat trip was great fun, too!

Monday 27th June

This afternoon, Year 5 (along with the rest of the school) took part in a Run for Fun event at Cardinal Heenan. The rain didn’t put us off and the children performed brilliantly. Great running, Year 5! 

Art - Wednesday 22nd June.

In our art lesson, we have been looking at art by the South American artist Joaquin Torres Garcia.

Torres Garcia was famous for using symbols in his artworks. His biggest influences were the artist Mondrian and ancient people such as the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Ancient people used symbols to tell stories and record information. Torres Garcia used this as a way of communicating his ideas too.

We had a lot of fun trying to work out the symbols he used and noticed many similarities between his paintings. We were inspired to create our own Picture Puzzle art, which would represent what our interests are and what symbolises us.

Keep an eye out for the finished pieces!


Sports Day 2022

A fantastic effort from all children this morning during Sports Day! 

Tuesday 24th May - Jubilee Celebrations.

Let's Get Ready to Rhumble! Well done to Year 5, who performed fantastically well in the Jubilee assembly today. The outfits were wonderful and the singing was brilliant. 

Year 5 Jubilee Assembly

Wednesday 18th May.

This morning, Y5 visited the Sikh Temple as part of our work on other faiths. We had a tour of the Gurdwara and learned the importance of looking after nature and each other. We were then treated to refreshments in their kitchen area. It was a thoroughly informative and enjoyable visit.

Monday 9th May

This morning, Year 5 worked together to create an amazing piece of art as part of our work on the Platinum Jubilee. The teamwork demonstrated was outstanding and I hope you agree that the finished piece is absolutely fantastic! Well done, Year 5!

Monday 25th April.

Today, the children visited Cardinal Heenan for a practical Science lesson with Mrs Whitelaw. They had lots of fun learning about states of matter and investigating melting. 

Friday 22nd April.

It was lovely to see a sea of red today as we celebrated St George's day.

Congratulations to the winners of our Easter Egg raffle! 

Thank you so much to all those who helped support our Lenten fundraising. 

Have a happy and holy Easter break.

Wednesday 16th March - Art.

This afternoon, Y5 looked at the art of Henri Rousseau. They learned how he was inspired by his trips to the botanical gardens in Paris and how he didn't start taking his art seriously until he was in his forties. They spent some time looking closely at "Tiger in a Tropical Storm (Surprised!)" and then created some lovely work in their sketchbooks, examining the colours Rousseau used, the shapes of the leaves and the composition of the painting.


Thursday 10th March - D:Side

DT - Monday 31st January.


Today, we looked at developing a range of practical skills to create bends. The children worked really well and learnt three new skills, which they will be able to incorporate into their own marble run design.

DT - Marbulous Structures.

 Today, we started our DT unit - Marbulous Structures. This half term we will be designing and creating our own marble runs. Today, we looked at free-standing structures and the children were tasked with creating their own free-standing structure using cardboard tubes. It was wonderful to watch the children work together as teams, sharing and testing ideas, before building their structure. 

Inspirational People.

 Year 5 enjoyed dressing up as an inspirational person for the day, They each chose someone who inspired them and researched why they are considered inspirational. Take a look through the photographs and see if you can work out who they all are!

PE - Leeds Rhinos.

This afternoon, Year 5 had their PE lesson with Leeds Rhinos. Over the next six weeks, we will be working on rugby skills. Today, the children were practicing grip and carry, running with the ball and building to passing and catching. 

Cloud Tea Monkeys.

Year 5 are studying the text Cloud Tea Monkeys in English and today spent the lesson as The Royal Tea Taster. They tasted two different teas: Darjeeling and Green Tea and then wrote a report. 

We are Cryptographers. 18th November 2021.


In this computing unit, we are learning about communicating information securely through an introduction to cryptography (the science of keeping communication and information secret). We have been  investigating early methods of communicating over distances and spent the afternoon sending messages using the Semaphore Flag Signalling System.

We are musicians! 16th November 2021.

Today, the children enjoyed learning about the C major scale and playing it on glockenspiels. They then thought carefully about which notes in the scale sounded comfortable when played together - we learned that this is called a chord. 

Remembrance Day.

 Year 5 have spent this week thinking carefully about Remembrance Day and have produced some wonderful pieces of work. Take a look at some of our blackout poems, created from the poem, In Flanders Fields, and our watercolour poppies. 

The Boy at the Back of the Class.

Year 5 have been reading The Boy at the Back of the Class. The children enjoyed doing observational drawings of pomegranates (a fruit which features in the story). As you can see, we have some wonderful artists in the class! Some children also drew an image of Ahmet, one of the main characters.

Year 5 have had a busy first week at school. The children have settled into their new class very quickly and have been enjoying Place Value activities and lots of art work. 

Thank you!

A big thank you from myself, Mrs McDonagh and Mrs Dobson for the lovely gifts we received!

We hope you have a lovely summer holiday.

The Lucky Ones.

During Year 5, we have enjoyed listening to The Dunwells, so we decided to cover one of their songs and make our own music video! I certainly consider myself to be one of the lucky ones, having taught this wonderful class for three years now and the children all realise how lucky they are to be in such a fantastic class, filled with the loveliest children.

Mayan Hot Chocolate.

In History we have been studying the Ancient Maya, so on Thursday we made some Mayan hot chocolate to enjoy whilst reading our book, The Curse of The Maya.

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside!

6th July.

Year 5 had a fantastic trip to Bridlington today. The sun was shining and we had lots of very happy children (and adults!)

Food, Glorious Food!

 5th July.

This morning, Year 5 walked to Meanwood Allotments and enjoyed a wonderful tour. We had a talk from the bee keeper, which the children found fascinating and then split into groups to look at the various allotments. The children were very lucky and were able to sample some of the produce grown. 

Year 5 class 2020-2021

Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgive one another, as God in Christ forgave you.

Ephesians 4:32

Monday 17th May,

Today, we continued with our work on Forces and spent the lesson investigating air resistance, Year 5 had lots of fun making parachutes and timing how long it took for them to fall into our sensory garden. We found out that the larger the surface area, the longer it took for the parachute to hit the ground due to the increased air resistance. 

Friday 14th May

This afternoon, Year 5 produced some lovely work in their art books. This work comes after learning about the Spanish Armada. The children spent the afternoon sketching and experimenting with different materials. They will then be producing their final piece of art next week. Well done, Year 5!

Friday 14th May.

Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed taking part in a cricket workshop this morning. They had great fun whilst learning new skills. 

Forces - Gravity. 

Today, Year 5 had fun learning about and investigating weight and mass. We learned about Isaac Newton and enjoyed using Newton meters to measure the force of gravity.



This afternoon, the children in Year 5 went into the sensory garden with Mrs McDonagh and dug up some of the carrots that have been growing there! They've each got a carrot (some big, some small) to take home.

Learning Logs.


Today (Monday 16th November) Year 5 were given new Learning Log titles to complete over the course of this half term. I was very impressed by the Learning Logs completed before the October half term break and have posted photographs below of the children's fantastic work.

Learning Logs - Autumn 1

Remembrance Day 2020.


To mark Remembrance Day, the children in Year 5 created their own blacked out poem. We started by reading Flanders Field and then the children were tasked with selecting words and phrases which they thought were the most emotive or important. They then created their own poem by colouring the rest of the poem in black, leaving only their chosen words. They did a fantastic job, as you can see in the photos below. 


They also turned the plastic bottles they had brought into school into poppies, which then were joined together to create a wreath. 


The poems and the poppies are proudly displayed in the corridor leading to the playground.


Well done, Year 5!

Lest We Forget.

Flanders Field.

World Mental Health Day - Friday October 9th.


Today was World Mental Health Day. We spent the afternoon talking about how important it is to have a positive mindset. The children came up with some wonderfully positive statements and discussed what makes them happy. We then performed a yoga exercise, which left us all feeling extremely calm and relaxed.

Eastern European Art - images of Russia.

After learning about Russia's biomes, Year 5 enjoyed drawing a detailed picture of an area of Russia. I think their pictures are wonderful!

Locating Eastern European Countries in an Atlas - 10th September 2020

This afternoon we made a start on our Eastern Europe Geography topic. The children enjoyed using the atlases to locate countries in Eastern Europe and to find out their capital cities. 

Leeds Rhinos PE - Street Dance - 8th September.

Year 5 had two fantastic street dance lessons on Tuesday with Nichola from Leeds Rhinos! I was so impressed with the effort everybody put in and I was amazed by the dancing talent we have in the class! We had some very tired children by the end of the second lesson!

Self-portraits - Thursday 3rd September.

Year 5 have had a fantastic start to the new school year! They have produced some excellent self-portraits using photographs of themselves and watercolours.