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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


Welcome back to school Year 6! If you have any ideas that you would like us to add to this page, please let Miss Ferguson, Mrs Tempest and Mr Thompson know and we will see what we can do. 




Residential Day Three


Today was another exciting day of fun filled activities for us all at High Adventure. Despite some of us being caught in a thunderstorm, it didn't stop us from all having a great time. The three groups did activities ranging from: Sumo wrestling, abseiling, to caving and canoeing. Check out the photographs below to see us all in action.


Another great day had by all!!



Group A Sumo Wrestling, Low ropes, Bouldering and Abseiling

Group B Caving followed by Archery

Group C Canoeing and Orienteering

Residential- Day 1 and 2


Hi everyone, here are some photos from our first two days at High Adventure. When we first arrived at High Adventure, can you believe we had to make our own beds (more practice needed for some of us), then we had our packed lunches and finally we began our first activity- teambuilding. We got into our groups and then were given tasks to complete which involved listening to each other, putting forward our ideas, but above all working as a team.  It was a brilliant start to our High Adventure experience! Unlike last year (when it rained constantly on the first day), we had to make sure that we were covered in sun cream because of the glorious weather. By the time we got back to the centre we were all starving (and sweating), and sat down for a delicious roast dinner followed by a triple layered chocolate cupcake. After tea we then did ‘blind line’ and the staff couldn’t stop laughing at us, but when we get home we will tell you why. Everyone had a giggle and we were very supportive helping our partners through the obstacles.



Today (Tuesday) we all set off on our individual group activities. 


Group A  In the morning we did caving and even though some of us were slightly nervous about it, we did everything the instructors asked us to do and felt very proud of ourselves. In the afternoon we did archery and we’d give Robin Hood a run for his money! If given the chance we would all love to do it all over again!


Group B enjoyed a fun packed morning canoeing. We had loads of fun playing games on Ponden Reservoir and some of us got ‘slightly’ wet (isn’t that right Caoimhe, Emma, Sophie, Nina, Cassie and Olivia!).  In the afternoon we went to Wycoller, had our lunch and learnt how to read maps. Afterwards we did an orienteering trial around the centre and finally we created clues for our own treasure hunt. We hadn't realised that map reading could be so much fun.


Group C spent the half of the morning doing low ropes followed by ‘Sumo wrestling’. The star of the show was Beverlyne who was ruthless when fighting with Allen! In the afternoon we did indoor wall climbing and abseiling. A few of us found the abseiling quite scary but we felt so proud of ourselves when we reached the bottom.




In the evening we all got together to do the labyrinth. It was hot, sweaty and smelly but we had a great time together and it challenged us all. We were also told by James (an instructor) that we were the first class to complete the course in total darkness- how good are we!


Come back tomorrow to see what else we do!



Year 6

Below are some useful links that you may want to use to help with the work covered in Year 6.

Welcome back Y6, we hope you all had a relaxing and fun  holiday!  Below is a timetable for Sat's week so you can check to see what will be happening the week beginning Monday 9th May. The tests begin on Monday 9th May and will finish on Thursday 12th May, then it's PARTY TIME!!

Date Test
Monday 9th May

English reading test, reading booklet and associated answer booklet.

Tuesday 10th May

English grammar, punctuation and spelling test, Paper 1, short answer questions.

English grammar, punctuation and spelling test, Paper 2, spelling.

Wednesday 11th May

Mathematics, Paper 1 arithmetic test.

Mathematics, Paper 2 reasoning.

Thursday 12th May

Mathematics, Paper 3 reasoning.


          frownsmileyno PARTY TIME!! nosmileyfrown

End of Year Expectations

Summer 1 Overview 2016

Leeds Book Awards


Caoimhe, Sophie, Olivia, Daniel, Joseph and myself (Sean),  were asked to read six different books by six different authors. We then had to decide which book was our favourite. On Tuesday 19th April we each voted for our favourite author, and then in May we will be attending the Leeds Book Awards ceremony, where the winning author will be revealed. We're all really looking forward to it, we may even get a chance to meet some of the authors too!  We have enjoyed reading the books from the list and have been posting our reviews on the Leeds Book Awards website.  READING IS THE BEST!  



By Sean




Cathy Cassidy 


This morning (Wednesday 27th April) the girls form Year 5 and Year 6 were treated to a visit from an author, Cathy Cassidy. Cathy's books include; The Chocolate Box Secrets series and The Broken Heart Club.


Cathy came to Cardinal Heenan school to give a presentation to pupils from schools throughout the local area, after which pupils were able to buy some of her books and have them personally signed by her.


The children were able to hear what inspired Cathy to write her books and were given an insight into how she creates her characters.  There was even an opportunity to discover which of her characters they were similar to, when they took part in a quiz!


The girls form St. Urban's found this morning's presentation fascinating.  Perhaps we have the next   J. K. Rowling lurking in our midst! 







D:side Visit


Today (Wednesday 27th April) we had a visit from David Hill from D:side. The session was to help us increase our knowledge about the effects of drugs and alcohol on the body. We learned a lot from David, and although it was a serious subject, we still had fun when wearing the famous laugh'Beer Goggles'laugh.

 Check out the photos below and see for yourself!







Clarice Cliff

Y6 have been studying the works of Clarice Cliff, a famous artist from the potteries. Her vibrant and colourful artwork created a storm in 1920’s. We have recreated her works, and have even come up with some ‘Clarice originals’. Aren’t they great!








Over the week, as part of our French lessons, we got into small groups and then planned and delivered Powerpoint presentations about France to our class. The French presentations were so much fun! Some of us were a bit nervous when speaking out, but we all learnt new things about France and worked as a team. Lots of funny things happened: some people forgot their words, and some of our French accents were questionable!  A special mention must go to Ellie who made her group presentation a barrel of laughs. We would all love to do it again and we learnt a lot from each other. 

Au Revoir!

By Bronte









Congratulations to all Y6 who achieved L1/L2 in their ‘Bikeability’ sessions. Despite the cold weather, they struggled through (along with Mrs. Tempest), and were awarded a certificate and badge. You all showed a great attitude, and some of you may even become famous cyclists one day – you never know! 










Soda Bread


As part of international week, Y6 were getting their hands dirty by making delicious soda bread!  Can you guess what country they were learning about?  Check out the photo's below to see how they got on.  It must be said that the classroom smelt wonderful, and there were lots of full tummies too!  DELICIOUS!




Year 6 Athletics 

"Yesterday we went to Cardinal Heenan for an athletics tournament. There was three events: running, throwing and jumping. The throwing events were the discus, javelin, shot-put and overhead throw. The jumping events were the triple jump, speed bounce, vertical jump and the long jump. We also had a sprint and hurdle relay event. It was really fun!"

By Caoimhe and Sophie


Many congratulations to our fabulous Athletics Team who were the runners-up. They competed against 6 other schools and represented our school magnificently.








International Week




This week, Year 6 have been learning all about Ireland, from language to singing, dancing to eating!


On Tuesday, we had a special visitor Anne-Marie (Bronte's Mum), who informed us all about Irish cooking, made a delicious Irish Stew and even prepared an Irish quiz for us, with prizes!  

We would just like to say a HUGE thank you to Bronte's Mum for giving up her weekend to prepare the delicious meal,which was thoroughly enjoyed (and devoured very quickly) by Year 6!  The Year 6 classroom has never smelt better!

Thank you Anne-Marie for making our learning so much fun!


The fun didn't stop there.  Throughout the week we have been practising our Ceilidh dancing and now we are nearly all as professional as Michael Flatley.  (Mr Thompson and Mrs Tempest are even thinking of giving up working at St Urban's to join Riverdance)!


We would like to invite everyone to come along to our International Assembly on Thursday at 1.30 pm.  You may even be treated to some Riverdance!







Collective Worship

Y6 Whole School Assembly



On Tuesday 29th September you are all invited to Y6 assembly on the theme 'Fairness'.  It will begin at 9:15 ~ 9:45.  We hope you can make it!






Year 6 and Sports UK


This half term year 6 have been working alongside a coach from Sports UK.  The children have been doing athletics as part of their  PE curriculum, and have been learning various disciplines such as long jump, triple jump and in future sessions will be covering javelin, discus and shot-put.  Check out the photographs below and you never know one of the year 6's  could be the next Greg Rutherford!





Irish Arts workshop 

Thursday 17th September





Today year 6 were treated to an afternoon of Irish art and Irish dancing. The afternoon began with the children learning the Siege of Athlone, an Irish dance. As you can see from the video below the children had lots of fun and we noticed a few aspiring Michael Flatley dancers! During the Irish art workshop session, they had to design a postcard using a range of resources, from Celtic designs to images associated with Ireland.  


On behalf of St Urban's we would like to say a massive thank you to the Irish Arts Foundation for a brilliant afternoon.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video









Year 6 Netball Tournament @ Mount St Mary's  01/07/15

Congratulations to our netball team on a terrific performance in the stifling heat. 


After playing 4 games against other Catholic primary schools and remaining unbeaten the team achieved the runners up position.



Well Done Girls

Day four at High Adventure and what fantastic weather we have had today!  All the groups have been out enjoying the sunshine and  the challenges that the day brought with it.

Group A have been canoeing, orienteering and negotiating the Low Ropes.

Group B started the day with team building then continued with abseiling,the climbing wall and bouldering.

Group C spent the day doing archery and then went caving.

In the evening we all enjoyed a treasure hunt and quiz followed by a trip to the park, rounded off with a fantastic talent contest.

Well done Year 6, you all did yourselves proud today!





St.Patrick's Mass with the Little Sisters of the Poor on Tuesday 17th March.

Y6 are looking forward to visiting Mount St. Joseph's Old People's Home to celebrate Mass for St. Patrick's Day.

A big thank you to all the children who volunteered to take part.  

Jonny~First Reading

Abbie (alongside Mrs Tempest)~Responsorial Psalm

Jessica, Poppy, Connor, Olivia, Alfie, Filip and Ellen ~ Bidding Prayers


On behalf of Y6 we would just like to say a big thank you to the parents who have volunteered to transport the children.