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Miss McHale, Mr Rowland and Mr Farrell


Note to parents: The Maths Calculation Policy is available on the website under "Key Information", "Policies" - remember that strategies learned in previous years are still taught and extended in Year 5.


Thank You


From all the staff in Year 5 many thanks for all your cards, gifts and best wishes.

Your support has been appreciated through the School Year.


Have a wonderful Summer break.

18 May 2016

Making healthy pizza's


We were lucky today as we all made pizzas. The base was wraps.

For many of us it was the first time we had cut up vegetables!!

One of the most important tasks was to choose what 3 vegetables we wanted  to go with our cheese, some of us added ham or chirozo to it. Some of us even said it was the first time to taste certain vegetables as they didn't like them before! And guess what, they liked them.


The best bit though was of course the eating, they cooked quite quickly in the ovens and everyone had a smile on their face.

Was there any leftovers.......... easy answer to that .......NO





We have been learning many new skills and techniques in our PE lessons recently.

Catching, bowling, fielding/stopping the ball and batting.


Watch out England!

HOWZAT!  04 May 2016


A sunny day welcomed us to Headingley the home of Yorkshire County Cricket Club.


Year 5 enjoyed themselves as they learned the history behind the club and even worked in their classrooms. Well done to Harry B, Taylor and Frankie who won the first quiz of the day. They managed to get all the questions correct, the same as the teachers!

It was a shame the teachers zapper wasn't working correctly!


Then it was time to visit the indoor nets for a variety of cricket related tasks. Some promising batsmen came through.


After lunch, a quick tour of the museum produced another competition, Siobhans team won this time. We then were lucky enough to visit the new pavilion and climb all those stairs to the top for a wonderful view of the ground.  To finish things off we were allowed into the players restaurant for a quick view and then the home teams changing room.


A great day out, 6 6's I believe were given by the children




Still image for this video


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Still image for this video


Author Cathy Cassidy's visit.

27 April 2016


Year 5 girls had a very enjoyable morning over at Cardinal Heenan meeting and listening to leading author Cathy Cassidy who has written many books. 


Cathy gave away some of her secrets on how she came up with some of her ideas for her books and one was by day-dreaming in school!  She explained how she brought all her books together in a series and just how her characters progressed.


At the end of the talk Cathy signed her books that the children had purchased. 


As you can see the girls listened very carefully and deeply.  Do we have a budding author?


Here are some photgraphs of Year 5's Easter Egg designs. They all look fantastic! The winners will be announced at the end of the week.

09 February 2016  Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day


Mr Farrell made us all pancakes, we had a choice of fillings to go with them, even fruit!!

Everyone agreed it was a good end to the morning.

Ice Skating  05.02.16


A very enjoyable morning was spent at the ice rink down in Millennium Square.

After a short wait everyone donned their safety hats and boots went out to the rink, listed to the instructors and started to have fun.


As you can see everyone had a smile on their face. 


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Northern Ballet     03.02.16


Two members of the Northern Ballet company visited Year 5 and showed the class how to warm up, breathing procedures and then various dance moves so they could put a small performance together. 


Well done to the whole class for their participation.


Were there any new Darcey Bussell or Benjamin Millepied's amongst them? Just take a look.

Tudor Plays


Our history topic this half term has been the Tudors.  The class have all been writing their own play scripts which also included stage directions.  Great fun was had by one and all as they rehearsed and then performed their scripts in costumes brought from home in front of all the class.


Still image for this video


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Oakwell Hall  

Thursday 03 December 2015


Year 5 had a very enjoyable day at Oakwell Hall which once was owned by the Batt family.  Many interesting facts were learned on our tour of the Hall, how they lived, ate and played in Tudor times.

We even learned how to write using ink and a quill !


Some of the class were asked to dress as either the rich or as servants.  They all look the part.


At the end of the day we were told a story about William Batt going to London and losing his life, was it true?  We will leave it up to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Spellings for w/c 19th October: NB: these are all plurals so there is no apostrophe

dog, dogs, day, days, boy, boys, girl, girls, meal, meals, word, words, house, houses, balloon, balloons, sister, sisters, school, schools, aggressive, committee


English: comprehension on "Spinner" poem (for Tuesday 20th)


London Fireworks 2015 - New Year's Eve Fireworks - BBC One

London 2015 Fireworks on New Year's Day.

Video used for English lesson on Tuesday 29th.

Fractions and Decimals

Here's the video we used in class to introduce the topic of fractions and decimals.

The music to this video is performed by Rythm Rhyme Results whose website is Check them out for more great learning songs!

Tuesday 22nd September 2015


Find out what disease is often caused by mosquito bites.

Irish Workshop - 17th September 2015