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Welcome to Year 4


Please feel free to talk to us if you have any concerns or questions.


Thank you in anticipation of your continuing support this year.







Dear Parents,

Thank-you so much for all your cards,gifts and best wishes.

Your Support throughout the year has been much appreciated.

Have a wonderful Summer.


Very Best Wishes.


Year 4 staff


THE DEEP.......

13 July 2016


Year 4's trip this term took them to The Deep in Hull.

Everyone had a wonderful time looking at all the different fish, seeing the funny penguins and even touching the ice wall!

At the start of the tour the three groups went up in the bubble lift.  It was like surfacing through the water as we passed the sharks, rays and swordfish. Then it went dark as we rose to the surface!


Frankie said "I would go there again, 5*'s. Watching the diver's hand feed the fish was really interesting."


During the day the children had a workshop on sharks. This was one of Laila's favourite parts; she said "Seeing the different size teeth from the different types of sharks, and their part in the food chain was really cool."  



06 July 2016





We are pleased to announce that Year 4 won the trophy for this year's competition against other Catholic feeder schools at Cardinal Heenan today with a total of 3490 points.


Everybody had a wonderful time and they each gave 150% in all the events. Competition was tough and everyone should be proud of themselves. We came first in many of the events: these included the boys' and girls' sprint relays, girls' 200m, boys'and girls' penalty kicks and the boys' tug of war. Cheering each other on and the teamwork paid off, the smiles said it all.




Thank you to Mrs Clark for helping and taking the photos.

wc: 16 May 2016


Year 4's Health Week


As part of health week we have been researching how much sugar is in the food we eat.


We had some surprising results:

Cornflakes were one of the lowest and Scot Porridge Oats one of the highest percentages of sugar per serving.


We had a debate about whether or not adverts for sweets and chocolate should be banned.  Some people were persuaded by the arguments but overall we voted that adverts SHOULD NOT be banned.


Our week finished with us preparing our own tomato soup using fresh vegetables.


If you would like to copy year 4's example the recipe can be found on the BBC good food website....


wc: 09 May


Ancient Egypt  


We have been busy in Year 4 making our own Egyptian models, acrostic poems, word searches, mummies' tombs and games both at home and at school.

We have also made Egyptian scenes from cardboard boxes, we painted and glued them in place.


WOW they are amazing.


by Mia



wc: 03 May 2016


Year 4 have had a very busy week.


On Tuesday afternoon we took part in the final of the Leeds Catholic Schools Skipping Competition.

Then on Friday we had a visit from Andrew of Leeds City Museum, who showed us artefacts from Ancient Egypt.  We even got to make our own Egyptian Jewellery.

w/c 18 April 2016




Year 4 took advantage of the sunshine this week to study shadows.  We found out that the position and size of the shadows changed during the day.  We thought about how this related to a clock-face.


Is this how the Ancient Egyptians told the time?

Please find attached the Summer Curriculum Newsletter.

Murton Park 


Year 4 traveled back in time and became Vikings for the day.


The damp weather enhanced how the Vikings had to live.  Once there, everyone was dressed up and given tasks in the workshops and instructed on how they lived by making various objects. Everybody was given a job and they performed it perfectly.


Later on our Queen informed us on how they prepared for battles by showing us attack formations.


A great day for Year 4 as all the smiles show.




Here are some photographs of Year 4's Easter Egg designs for our competition. They all look fantastic! The winners will be announced at the end of the week.



We are currently practicing our skipping skills for the annual competition this March.


Watch this space for updates and details on what happens at Cardinal Heenan.

Rewind To Christmas

A very enjoyable afternoon was spent learning all about the True Christmas story at Moortown Baptist Church.  The children watched the play on how the story unfolded in Bethlehem. They even managed to get the adults who accompanied them to join in!

Christmas tea lights were made by everyone, congratulations to those who got all the quiz questions correct.

Enterprise Week

Preparation complete, production on going.


Keep a look out on Year 4's stand at the Christmas Fayre for the  wrapping paper and those oh so important bags now needed at the supermarket. 

International Week                                  Italy


The children enjoyed learning all about Italy, its culture and the national anthem which was sung in Italian during the assembly.

They especially liked making their own pizzas!



It has been a busy but fun start to year 4; the first important task was to choose our school council members.  After a democratic vote  Mia and Sam were chosen.  Well done to everyone who ran for office.


One of the year 4's topics this half term is TEETH.

We are learning all the different names of the teeth and their particular use in our mouth.  

Alice and Luke's grandma, Mrs Merrick came in and gave us a very interesting talk about the time she was a dentist.  She showed us how they should be cleaned and other ways of looking after them. 


We even saw a plaster cast of an adults set of teeth, but whose were they?



Did you know that an adult set of teeth totals 32!

That's 12 more than the baby set we have when we are young.

HISTORY   October 2015

We have been learning all about the Anglo Saxons this half term, part of our project was building this village.

Life was not easy for them, all the villagers had jobs to do in the community.


Would you like to live in this village with no home comforts?

Autumn Gardening


Year 4 have been helping to keep our lovely new area clean and tidy, they even planted some new plants.


Is there a new Alan Titchmarsh in Year 4?



Egyptian Shoes          Friday 05 June 2015


Year 4 have been learning about Ancient Egypt as their history topic this term. linking D& T with history the class have all been making Egyptian sandals.  Great fun has been generated as they design and then make the sandals to be worn around the classroom.

Some of the children in Year 4 have been asking about the spellings for this week (04.05.15).  The children were asked at the end of the half term to revise the spellings from last half term.  They will then be tested on a selection of 10 spellings from the different lists.  I have attached the spellings that the children were given to revise below so that the children can check that they have all of the spellings.


Miss Clark

Wednesday 13th May


This half term we have been learning all about sound in our science lessons.  Miss Clark has set us the challenge of finding the best sound proofing material.  We have decided that we are going to place some pasta in some plastic cups and then wrap the cups in different materials to see if they are good sound proofing materials.  We will know which ones are the best because when we shake the cups with the pasta in they will make the least amount of noise.


Most of us think that cotton wool will be the best sound proofing material because it is quite thick when it is wrapped around the cup.

Soundproofing Experiment

Wednesday 13th May 2015

This week Year 4 have been planning their own collective worships.  Next week they will be taking it in turns to lead the collective worship for the class.

Collective Worship Planning


Year 4 used the equipment in the hall today, working on their balance work and movements recently learnt during the Gymnastic classes.  You can see they all had great fun moving around the various sites.



Year 4 have been lucky enough this half term to have a specialist teaching them.  As you can see they have learnt many new different movements, actions and routines.  The specialist even commented that year 4 were the best class he has taught.


Well Done Everybody.

April 2015


During Spring Term 2 we have been learning all about electricity in science.  We have had to create circuits for different purposes.  Please take a look at our pictures below to see some of the electrical circuits that we made.

Electrical Circuits

Jorvik Trip


 On Wednesday 18th March Year 4 had a busy day in York learning about Viking battle tatics at "Dig" museum whilst there they also worked as archaeologists.  Moving across to the the main museum they had time to find out what a Viking village was like.

Skipping Competition 12 March 2015


It's Silver!


Year 4 were awarded silver overall in the recent Leeds Area Catholic Primary Schools Skipping Festival.

Everyone had a very enjoyable morning over at Cardinal Heenan, during the competition numerous Gold, Silver and Bronze medal certificates were awarded to the class for the individual events.

Our dance routine was also awarded silver.


Well done everyone.

March 2015

In Year 4 this half term we are learning all about persuasive writing.  We have been creating our own persuasive adverts.  Below are some photos of the adverts that we prepared for radio and T.V. with new products that we invented. We are now looking forward to taking part in a class debate about whether children should have to wear school uniforms. We will be using all of ther persuasive language techniques that we have been learning about both in our debate and in our writing.

Year 4 Persuasive Adverts

Year 4 Dance Festival (Thursday 18th December)

Over this half term Year 4 have had the opportunity to work with the Sports UK coach to create, rehearse and perform a dance to the Disney theme tune of Hercules.


Today a group of us performed in a competition with other schools in Leeds.  We received some extremely positive comments from all of the judges and had fun performing our routine for others to watch. The children and teachers from the other schools watched the performances and also in the audience were our mums, dads, brother, sisters and grandparents.  Having them there was a great support.

Year 4 Dance Festival

Rewind to Christmas.

We joined with other schools in our area and visited the Moortown Methodist Church.  We had a great time and learnt a lot from the actors and actresses who acted out the Nativity for us and gave us lots of facts about the birth of Jesus.


We also made some candle holders from clay which was really good fun and completed some quizzes about Christmas.

Week Beginning 24th November

This week we have been working on our products that we will be selling at the Christmas Fair. This Year we are going to be making homemade wrapping paper and reusable bags with our own designs on. 


We enjoyed using the new learn pads to calculate the costs of the materials and the prices we are going to charge for the bags and wrapping paper.


After we had purchased all of the materials we then had to design and paint our bags and wrapping paper.  Below are some photographs of our work. 

Enterprise Week

St. Urban's have bought a set of "learn pads" to be timetabled between the classes. Year 4 had a go on them before anyone else this term. The children really enjoyed this as you can see!

During out Literacy lessons we have been learning about fable stories and creating our own fable stories.  This week we acted out some of the fable stories that we created.  We then had the opportunity to watch each other and give feedback about the performances.  We chose our own success criteria for what we thought a good role play should have.  This was our success criteria:

  • The actors and actresses should speak clearly so that everyone can hear.
  • Each actor or actress knows exactly what they are saying/doing where and when.
  • The actors and actresses change their intonation to express the feelings and emotions of the characters.
  • The actors and actresses use visual clues to help the audience to understand what is happening in the story.

  We then marked each other using this success criteria.

Here are some photographs of our role plays

Our Fable Role Plays

Welcome to Year 4


It's good to see all of the children back after the Summer holiday.  They are all settling in well and enthusiastic about the new topics that we have started.  We can see that there has already been a lot of parental/carer support as the children have been bringing in lots of wonderful work that they have completed at home.  We would like to thank parents and carers for their support and it is much appreciated.


We have sent out a letter and curriculum plan to inform you about the topics that the children will be learning about and information about routines in Year 4.  We have attached this letter below for any parents who for some reason have not received this.


Please feel free to talk to either of us if you have any concerns or questions.


Thank you in anticipation for your continued support this year.


Mrs C Percival and Miss F Clark



Welcome to Year 4!


Your teacher will very soon be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.


Do you have any ideas for this page? Why not let you Teacher know!


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Friday 13th June 2014


We have now started our new science topic all about materials and solids, liquids and gases.  On Friday we learnt about the properties of solids, liquids and gases and why they have these properties.


Take a look at the photos in the powerpoint below of us acting like the particles in solids, liquids and gases...


Next week we are looking forward to doing an experiment to find out whether liquids flow at different speeds.  We are going to be racing different liquids.


Miss Clark

Today we visited Yeadon Tarn to do canoeing, orienteering and team building. Everyone had a great time as you can see from the pictures below!

Solids, Liquids and Gases

Wednesday  4th June


As  you  may  have  heard  from  the  children,  we  had  a  very  exciting  day  yesterday  learning  about  The  Ancient  Egyptians.

Our  visitor  brought  in many  artefacts  for  the  children  to  handle  and  draw.  They  had   hand's  on experience  of preparing  a  body   for  mummification,  played  Ancient Egyptian games   and  learnt  about  the  development  of  weapons  and  armour  used  by   A.E. soldiers.

As  you  will  see  from  our  photo's,  a  great  day  was  had  by all.


Mrs  Homan (class  teacher)


Year Fours Ancient Egyptian Day

Today we took part in a sports day at Cardinal Heenan, the children all had a lot of fun and the weather was wonderful!

Friday 16th May


The children had a great time today creating their habitats for their science experiment.  Some of the habitat boxes were super and all of the children worked together well in their teams to complete the next part of their investigation.  We were lucky enough to find some woodlice in and around the school and the children have now placed their habitats outside with the woodlice in to see if the woodlice prefer damp or dry conditions or light or dark conditions.  Next week we will be looking at our habitat boxes to see which habitat within each of the boxers they prefer by counting how many woodlice are in each habitat within the boxes.


Miss Clark

Wednesday 14th May

As you're probably aware,  we have been busy  with optional Year 4  S.A.T.'s   this  week.  The  children  have  worked  very  hard  and  most  have  now  finished  them. If  your  child  has  had  any  absences  this week,  we  hope to let  them  do  any  tests  they  may  have  missed  before  the  end  of  the half term.

You will  have  noticed  in  the  upcoming events  that  we  have  an  inter-school, Year 4 sports day  next  week  at  C.H.H.S. (weather permitting).  The children  will  need  to  bring  their  P.E. kits and appropriate  trainers/pumps for the event. They  will  also  need a packed  lunch  and  plenty  of  water  on  the day. (No glass bottles please)  They should come to school in their uniforms as usual.

I  look forward  to  seeing as many of you as possible  at  the  May procession mass this  Sunday at 10.30 a.m.


Mrs Homan,

Tuesday 13th May 2014


During their science lessons the children have been learning about habitats.  Last week we discussed the habitats of woodlice and the children talked about where they had found woodlice.  There were quite a few different places.  We decided that we were going to carry out an investigation to find out which habitat woodlice like the best.


The children decided that they were going to test a wet and a dry habitat and a light and a dark habitat.  They then planned out their investigation and drew some diagrams of what their habitats will look like.


The children will be making their habitats up in preparation for the investigation on Friday this week (16th May 2014)  They have a selection of resources to use from school however if they feel they want to bring something from home (e.g. cereal boxes) to help them to create their habitat they are welcome to do this.


Miss Clark

Habitat Investigation Work


Still image for this video


Monday  28th  April


Welcome to our new look  website. In the next day or two  we  will  be  up-loading a video of  the  winning  skipping  dance.  We  were  all  very  proud  of  the children, they represented  our  school superbly.

Just  to  let  you  know,  I have  given  out  a  learning  log  task  this afternoon  which  is  to  be  completed  for  Tuesday  6th  May.


Task - Make  a  fact  page  (double  page) about  one  of  these  pharoahs,  Tutankhamun  or  Cleopatra.

 Try  to  present  your  information  in  interesting  ways.


Mrs  Homan  (Year  Four  teacher)