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Welcome to Year 4's class page 2018-19


 "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." (Matthew 28:19)


     Welcome everyone to our new year in school. We look forward to a busy but fun-filled and exciting year.

                      Mrs. Boam, Mrs Shaw, Mrs Jones and Mrs Dobson




        Some general information which may be helpful:

  •  Swimming lessons  are on Mondays.
  •  Spelling and tables tests are on Fridays
  • Reading every day at home, if possible please. This will make a huge difference to your child's progress.


W/B 17th September 2018.


Year 4 have had another busy week! They have produced some lovely art work, which is on display in both the classroom and the school hall. The children have also been working very hard during Maths lessons, where we have been focusing on place value, ordering and comparing numbers beyond 1000 and finding 1000 more or less than a given number. In our English lessons we have continued with our Fables topic and have written informal letters based upon the fable, 'The Wolf and the Heron'.

Year 4 continue to enjoy Music lessons with Mrs Heap on a Thursday morning.


Well done, Year 4 for a super week!

Mrs Shaw.

Academic Year 2017-18
We worked in small groups to make posters about Pentecost. We thought about how the Holy Spirit gave the disciples courage to go and spread the good news about Jesus. There was lots of discussion and mature speaking and listening in our groups.

Helping our Year 1 prayer buddies to say the Rosary.

 Years 3 and 4 had a fantastic time rehearsing and putting on their latest production "The Pirates of the Curry Bean." The whole year group contributed with fabulous singing, acting and dancing to put on a hugely enjoyable show.

 As part of our work on Hinduism we decided to cook a curry. Not everyone was sure they would like it, but most people thought it was delicious and came back for second helpings. If you would like to try the recipe you can find it on

It is cheap to make, but delicious and nutritious - careful with the chopping though!!

In our whole school assembly, we reflected on what we had learned about Hinduism, as well as our RE topic, Jesus the teacher.

Testing electrical circuits

We had a great time experimenting with electrical circuits in Science. Many thanks to Mrs Whitelaw from Cardinal Heenan and Miss Harason from Holy Rosary who came to take part in our lesson.
 Year 4 started our Christmas celebrations with a trip to Moortown Baptist church. Actors helped us to think about aspects of the Christmas story and we enjoyed a run-around quiz and making clay candle-holders.

Healthy sandwich making in our new cookery room!

Our latest maths puzzle

Our latest maths puzzle 1 Have a go! Reward points available!

Making an Anglo-Saxon village

A Maths puzzle to solve


 There are 4 number cards A, B, C and D. They each have a 4 digit number on.

 Using the clues below, work out which card has which number.


                  3421,     1435,     3431,     1243       


 A has a digit total of 10.

 B and C have the same thousands digit.

 In C and D the tens and the hundreds digits add up to 7.

               D has the largest digit total.               




Academic Year 2016~17

     see below..... 


Thank you so much for all your cards, gifts and good wishes and for all the support you have given us this year.

We hope everyone has a fun-filled summer holiday!

     With every good wish,

      Mrs Boam, Mrs Shaw and Mrs McDonagh.







Investigating symmetry. 07.06.17

Look after those seeds over the holidays!

Ancient Egyptian Mummification. Wednesday 17th May 2017.

This morning we have been learning about the Ancient Egyptian process of mummification. It was incredibly gory and there were a couple of green faces as we spoke about how the brain was removed! We then had four brave volunteers (Brodie, Theo, Bella and Ronan) who agreed to be mummified! The rest of the children worked well in teams to perform the mummification process.

Maths Puzzle of the Week w/b 08.05.17



Year 4 enjoyed a visit from D:Side this morning. Dave spoke about alcohol and what it can do to our bodies. He also spoke about peer pressure and not being afraid of saying no to our friends. The children engaged in role plays and a lucky few also got to test out some special glasses, which alter vision in the same way that alcohol can.

Good News

Year 3 and 4 worked tremendously hard on their Easter production "Good News." Here are a few pictures from rehearsals. There are definitely some budding actors, actresses and singers in our midst!

What an amazing range of characters and costumes we had for World Book Day today! We enjoyed hearing the poem "Macavity" and reading with Year 2.

Dance festival

Still image for this video
On Thursday 15th December, eight children from Year 4 represented St. Urban's at a dance festival for local Catholic schools.
The children devised the dance with Miss Beresford from Sports UK. Watch Brodie, Iyke, Jessica, Mollie, Orlaith, Ronan, Rosa and Seb, dance to "Get Back Up Again" from the movie "Trolls". Didn't they do well?!

Maths Rocks!

Still image for this video
Year 4's challenge is to learn all of the times tables and to be able to recall them at speed. We have gone back to the 3 times tables this week, as although many of the children felt like they knew these, many were unable to recall the answers quickly. We have used an app called Maths Rockx, which puts the multiplication tables to a tune of a pop song. This has been highly popular and the children have really enjoyed learning the 3 times tables song. I am very impressed with the results and the children's recall is now much faster! Well done Year 4! 17.11.16
We will be learning a new song each week, so please check back here for our next performance!



Today we started our Geography topic on Rivers and Mountains. Y4's task was to use the atlases to locate and name major rivers in the UK. The children worked well and enjoyed the challenge. 


Problem Solving in Year 4.

This week, Year 4 were given the task to plan a birthday party for my daughter, Florence. They were given a budget of £80 and were tasked with the challenge of choosing food, drink, party bag items and party game prizes. They used their skills in addition, subtraction and multiplication to ensure they stuck to the budget.   10.11.16

 As part of International Week, we were very lucky to have a visit in class from Juanita's mum, Adriana. She brought in some home-made,  Colombian food for us to try; arepas and pano de bano. Delicious! Especially when washed down with some hot chocolate! We did a little bit of dancing afterwards and Adriana showed us how to stand when singing the Colombian National anthem for assembly.

Thank-you so much! We had a great time.

International Week - Colombia.


Yesterday, Y4 started learning all about Colombia for International Week. They worked with a partner to research facts about the country and have even began to learn the national anthem!

Today we have looked at a Colombian artist (Omar Rayo) and attempted to produce our own work in his style.

Anglo Saxon Group Work


Year 4 have enjoyed working in groups to produce information posters about Anglo Saxon life. They spent the first part of the morning researching information on the computers and the LearnPads and then transferred this information to their posters. They then presented their work to the class.

Newspaper treasure hunt

 We have been busy reading newspapers and learning about the features of newspapers. 

 Any interesting headlines to be found?

 October 2016

Wednesday 28th September 2016.


Anglo Saxon Brooches.


Year 4 have had a very busy morning learning about Anglo Saxon artefacts. They looked at a number of artefacts and acted as historians by examining and analysing the objects. They then had a go at making their own Anglo Saxon brooch, which now look wonderful on our History display board!

At the beginning of the year, Y4 produced a list of words that they would like to use to describe our classroom and the year ahead. We then formed a Word Cloud using these words to remind us of the qualities we are striving for.
Picture 1