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Year 3

21st June 2016

Murton Park  Roman Day


Year 3 were enrolled into the Roman army for a day. They learnt all about life as a new recruit, why the Roman's were successful in having such a large Empire and about some of the things they introduced to this country.

Everybody had a fantastic day and the Senior Centurion congratulated the children on being the best recruits he has ever had!

Well done Year 3- a credit to our school!

29th April


On Wednesday, Year Three had a visitor from D- side.

We found out what goes into a cigarette. These are just a few of the ingredients.  Yuk!!


We also found out how smoking becomes addictive and the effects it can have on the body.
We saw how 'peer pressure' can persuade someone to try smoking and discussed and role played ways of avoiding it.

Here are some photographs of Year 3 Easter Egg designs for our competition. They all look fantastic! The winners will be announced at the end of the week.

Year 3 have had a busy week learning lots of different things about France and French culture.On Tuesday they enjoyed a French breakfast. C'etait delicieux!

Christmas 2015


Year 3 had great fun performing their Nativite francais and wish everyone

"Joyeux Noel"



Year three have had a dance module this half term.  

They worked in teams to create their own dance about Aladdin.

They had some great ideas and are developing their team work skills.

Moving Monsters

Some scary moving monsters have been created in D&T.  

The children used their knowledge of pneumatics to make them move.

 Who is scarier, the monster or the maker?

Yorkshire Sculpture Park  11 June 2015


Year 3 had a great day at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.


We looked at lots of sculptures and had a go at drawing them.


We heard a story about the Native American Totem Pole.


The class even made their own sculptures, what do you think of them?

First Holy Communion Breakfast  07 June 2015

A very enjoyable morning at Lady Of Lourdes church for our children.


Thank you to all the parents who helped and to those who provided the wonderful selection of food.

February 2015

This Term the children have been working with ARTIS.  They have been acting out and creating freeze frames for some mythical stories.  They have really enjoyed acting out the stories that link into their Literacy work and have had to think carefully about the thoughts and feelings of the characters in the stories.

Thursday 12th February 2015

Today Year 3 took part in the Inter-schools Gymnastic Festival.  They worked really hard on their routine throughout the whole half term and then competed against many schools in the local area.  The children performed their routine brilliantly and were awarded 2nd place.  Well done to all of the children who took part!

Gymnastics Competition

Spring Half Term 1 (January - February 2015)

This half term in science we have been learning all about magnets.  We have carried out many investigations testing the strength of magnets and testing to see whether magnets work through different materials.  We also discovered that without magnets lots of everyday objects wouldn't work e.g. fridges, TV's and washing machines.

Forces and Magnets

Notre petit dejeuner Francais


Year 3 enjoyed their petit dejeuner Francais last Thursday 22 January2015 .  The children all did very well with ordering their food en Francais!  We all agree it was "fantastique!"


St Urban's Third Battalion


 Recently Year Three found out about Roman armies.  They made Roman shields and carried out some drills.  Their Testudo formation came under fire from an enemy battalion.


25th September

 We  had  a  great  day  at  Leeds City  Museum yesterday. There was  lots to do and see to enhance our Roman Topic and the children appeared  to  enjoy  it. (We  have  added  some  photos of  prospective  Roman soldiers.)

The children were very well  behaved  both  on  the  bus  and  at  the  museum  and  were  a  credit  to  the  school.

Some  were  a  little  disappointed  that  they  didn't  get  to  see  and  do  everything  that they wanted  to  do  there  but  we  had  limited  time  and  needed  to  focus  on  our  Roman  topic.

However,  the  museum  is  a  wonderful  free  resource  and  is  open at weekends  if  you  would  like  to  visit  as  a  family  to  see  some  of  the  other  exhibits.

In our science lessons we are learning all about humans and animals.  Last week we carried out an investigation to see whether children who are the same age have the same length of bones.  We made some predictions about whether we thought this was true or false.  We discovered that many of us had different sized bones.  Tomorrow (26.09.14) we are going to create a graph to show our results and look at the most common sizes of bones in Year 3.


Here are some photographs below of our investigation.

Bone Measuring Science Investigation

Dear Parents and Carers,


I am looking  forward  to  teaching  your children this year, they have already got off to a good start and are settling well into KS2.  You should by now have a had an overview of the work that we will be covering this half term, and I would be very grateful if you would reinforce your child's learning by getting them to complete any homework tasks that are sent home.


As you are probably aware I do not work on a Friday so Miss Clark will be teaching Year 3 on a Friday.  Please don't hesitate to approach either myself or Miss Clark if you have any concerns or questions.



At the moment P.E. will take place on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Please could you ensure that their kits are in school on these days.


Forthcoming Trip

I have planned a visit to Leeds Museum on Wednesday 24th September you shortly be recieveing a letter home with the usual permission slip.


Over the next few days we will try to upload some examples of the work that the children have done so far in Year 3.


Thank you in anticipation of your support this year.

Mrs Homan

Welcome to the Year 3 class page.



Tour de France comes to Year 3


This week Year 3 have made their own cycle biscuits.  Everyone enjoyed making, decorating and of course eating them.  Take a look at the individual table biscuits.

The Year 3 Communion Breakfast .


Thank you to the Year 4 parents who made it so special.

Summer Term

Design and Technology

Year 3 have been designing their own picture frames this term.

We started by planning the designs on work sheets, continuing the process of selecting the materials required, building the frame, decorating it and finally inserting our own picture.


Some wonderful ideas, thoughts and designs were produced, take a look:

12th May - 16th May

This week in ICT we have been exploring computer simulations and evaluating them.

Simulations let you try things out on the computer which would be be too difficult, dangerous or expensive in real life.




Yeadon Tarn   19th June 2014


We all had a wonderful fun day at Yeadon Tarn.

Everybody tried and got a little wet when we went canoeing!

Orienteering got us all thinking on how to find the answers to the clues.  We even managed to solve the problems too. 

Exploring Simulations

*Have a go at the Balloon Flight Simulator below*

*See how well you can park the car with the parking simulator below*

In Science this week ,we looked at why the stem of the plant was important and carried out experiments.

Plant experiments

19th -23rd May


In DT this week we have designed and made photo frames.  There were some really innovative designs and everyone was really proud of their results.  Have a look through all the fabulous frames and see if you can find yours...

Wooden Photo Frames

Hope everyone has a lovely half-term holiday.