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Thank you 

On behalf of Mrs Murphy ,Mrs Jones and myself, I just want to say what a fabulous year we have had with your fantastic children . They have worked really hard and have been a real credit to you .

Thank you for our lovely presents, cards and good wishes.

We hope you all have a great summer and are looking forward to seeing them thrive in Year 3.

Best Wishes

Mrs Jamieson, Mrs Murphy and Mrs Jones xxxx

Lion Learners Visit 14.7.16

Year 2 Skipping Festival

On Wednesday 15th June Year 2 went to Leeds Trinity University to compete in the Skipping Festival - we had lots of fun and came back with many awards.

Thank you to our skipping coach , Mr Rowland , who helped us with our skipping practice, getting us up Year 4 standard!

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Year 2 Homework 

Friday 6th May

In Maths this week we have been looking at 3D shapes .For this week's homework, the children need to work on the following 3D shape games to reinforce their understanding of this topic.

Many thanks.

Mrs Jamieson


D:Side Visit

On Thursday 28th April Catherine from D:Side talked to us about how we are different to our friends.

She talked about how our bodies work and explained the function of different body parts, such as the lungs, liver, heart, small intestine, large intestine and the stomach.

All the children thoroughly enjoyed the session, especially the human car wash, where we all said something positive about a person as they travelled through the car wash.

Here are some photographs of Year 2's Easter Egg designs for our competition. They all look fantastic! The winners will be announced at the end of the week.

W/C 7.12.15

Worker of the Week:William Walker

Good Samaritan: Tom Naughton

W/C 30.11.15

Worker of the Week:Emily Simms

Good Samaritan : Ethan Ogden

W/C 30th November 

Thank you to all parents for supporting the Year 2 Enterprise week. All the children loved making their baubles and biscuits.The money that we have raised will be spent on new books for our reading area.



W/C 23rd November 

Worker of the week - Betty Horner

Good Samaritan- Isabella Rankin

Maths Homework - Friday 20th November

W/C 16th November 

Worker of the week: Tom Webster

Good Samaritan: Daniel Pearce

W/C 16th November 2015

Thank you  to all parents for attending the Parents' Evenings this week. Your continued support is really appreciated.


W/C 9th November 

Worker of the Week: Ava Coram

Good Samaritan: Emma Cantero Guardiola

W/C 9th November 

Year 2 have been going shape crazy this week sorting 2d shapes using Carroll Diagrams.

Have a go at these online Carroll Diagrams.


W/C 2nd November 

Worker of the Week :Joseph Duffy

Good Samaritan:Isaac Jeffers

W/C 19/10/15

Worker of the Week:Sam Binnion

Good Samaritan:Elena McBrearty

W/C 19th October 

International Week 


This week Year 2 have been finding out all about POLAND.


On Monday we found out where Poland is in Europe and what the capital city is. We found out what the weather , culture , education and food is like.

In the afternoon we sampled various Polish foods.Yum!!!!

On Tuesday Mrs Scofield (Emilia's mum )came in to talk to us about Poland.We asked Mrs Scofield lots of questions !

In the afternoon we found out about different places to visit in Poland.

On Wednesday we had lots of fun trying our version of Polish traditional dancing.

We also tried to learn how to say the numbers up to 10 in Polish with help from our Year 4 Polish helpers.


We watched the traditional dance of the 'MAZUR' to give us inspiration for our own Polish dancing.

W/C 12th October 2015

On Monday we made the cakes that might have burnt London to the Ground! Luckily we had all the health and safety measures in place so no fires started! They tasted delicious!

We have attached the recipe below so you can make them at home !

W/C 5th October


On Wednesday we had fun doing an observation about melting chocolate. We were trying to find out the answer to:

What happens when we hold chocolate in warm water?

What will happen when we take it out and put it somewhere cool?

The children were able to make predictions about what would happen and enjoyed tasting the chocolate!


Londons Burning Nursery Rhyme Powerpoint - londons burning, nursery rhyme, powerpoint, nursery rhyme powerpoint, rhymes, london, classroom discussion

The children have enjoyed composing their own rounds to the rhythm of London's burning and some of the children have been demonstrating their typing skills in Computing typing these up.

History Portrait of Samuel Pepys by J. Hayls, 1666:


Inspired by Samuel Pepys' diary we have been writing our own diary extracts recounting the historical events of the Great Fire of London.

We have finally completed our Pudding Lane houses with Mrs Jones creating a wonderful display.



The New Year 2 Class Councillors

W/C 28th September- Measuring in Maths

Phonics Star of the Week


W/C 7th December - William Walker

and James O'Rourke

W/C 30th November - Joseph Duffy 

W/C 23rd November- Gabriel Foody

W/C 16th November - Eden Pickup

W/C 9th November - Jack Trowsdale and Jude Ashton

W/C 2nd November - Molly Hughes

W/C 19th October - James O'Rourke

W/C 12th October- Anya Walsh

W/C 5th October- Toni Martinez, Sam Binnion and Elena McBrearty

W/C 28th September - William Walker and Alex Appleyard

W/C 21st September - Emilia Scofield

Handwriting Star of the Week

W/C 14th December - Isaac Jeffers

W/C 7th December :Emily Simms

W/C 30th November - Isabella Rankin

W/C 23rd November - Maisie Forbes

W/C 16th November - Jude Ashton

W/C 9th November- Molly Moses

W/C 2nd November - Cerys Evans

W/C 19th October - Eden Pickup and Cassie Hill

W/C 12th October - Sam Binnion

W/C 5th October - Emma  Cantero Guardiola 

W/C 28th September - Betty Horner

W/C 21st September- Ethan Ogden

W/C 14th September- Emilia Scofield

Friday 2nd October

Worker of the Week- Tom Naughton

Good Samaritan- Toni Martinez

Friday 25th September

Worker of the Week: Emilia Scofield

Good Samaritan:Joseph Duffy

Monday 21st September

Thank you to all parents/carers who were able to attend the Year 2 Parent Information Evening, It was lovely to meet you all  ( both familiar faces and new ones! ) and we really hope you benefited from the session.


For those who were unable to attend,  please see below for the Powerpoint Presentation that was used at the session. You will also receive the leaflet regarding information about Year 2, given out at the evening. This will be sent home in book bags tomorrow.


We discussed homework at the Parent Information Evening  and we have decided that the English homework sheet and handwriting will be given out to children on Tuesdays, to give the children more time to complete it. This still needs to be handed in on MONDAYS. I hope this helps.


Thank you 

Mrs Jamieson 

YEAR 2 Parents' Information Evening POWERPOINT

Friday 18th September

Worker of the Week:Molly Moses

Good Samaritan: Megan Bryant 

Friday 11th September

Worker of the Week:Cassie Hill

Good Samaritan:Sam Binnion



September 2015


We are really pleased that the children have settled so well into Year 2.

Please visit our class page regularly, as each half term we will update you with the topics we are covering and the fun things we have been learning about in Year 2.

We are looking forward to working with both you and your child this year.

Please approach us if you need to ask anything and we will be happy to help .


Many thanks, 

Mrs Jamieson, Mrs Jones and Mrs Murphy




The Deep

 Everybody had a"WHALE" of a time when Year 2 recently visited The Deep in Hull.

We explored all the passageways and exhibits seeing many different types of marine life and other reptiles and insects.

As we arrived it was feeding time for the penguins and we were lucky to see the divers hand feed some of the rays and larger fish too.

Sports Day

Year 2 had a very enjoyable morning at the annual sports day.


All five teams ran and carried against each other with the white team finally coming out on top.


Well done to everyone.


On Monday 20th April Year 2 were visited by D:Side.  We found out about our bodies and how we should look after it.

We were able to place the different parts and see how they were put together

World Book Day 2015 

Florence Nightingale

13 February 2015 Year 2's trip to Thackray Medical Museum


Year 2 had a very enjoyable day at the museum learning about Florence Nightingale, after the workshop they had the chance to look around all the other exhibits and displays.

W/C 15.9.14

Worker Of The Week: Leah

Good Samaritan: Daniel


W/C 1.9.14

Worker Of The Week: Harrison

Good Samaritan: Madison



International Week

This week we have been finding out all about Ireland.

We have had fun learning about the different parts of Ireland , the flag , folklore, St Patrick , dancing , food and speaking Gaelic.

We have enjoyed making our 3D shamrocks , Leprechauns and Ireland bunting to decorate the classroom.

Many thanks to Mrs Tempest for teaching us Gaelic.



Some of the learning Y2 have done this year...

Multi sports

Still image for this video






We have been very busy over the last couple of weeks with our Key Stage 1 SATs. We have worked very hard I am sure all the children's effort and hard work has paid off this year! Thank you to all the children for being so calm during this time and parents for supporting your child in their learning . 



Year 2 enjoying a well earned break in our new tyre park...


This first half of the Summer term we have been very lucky to have had Miss O'Hare from Sports UK working with us again but this time on our KS1 multiskills. This has helped us with our throwing, catching and passing skills, football dribbling, frisbee skills, aiming at targets, working in teams and much more. Some of the activities have been quite tricky but we've had lots of fun learning lots of challenging skills. 


Below are some photographs of some of our gymnastic sessions in Spring  when we learned different shapes, balances and jumps.

Summer 1


Our Topic this half term is called 'Global Gardens' which involves lots of cross curricular learning about plants and animals, through Science, Geography, Art and Literacy. 


We will be visiting Skelton Grange on Thursday 22nd May to enhance our learning and can't wait to see what's there! 


Year 2 were surprised by how much we have growing and living in our school grounds during our plant and minibeast walk. 

We had fun with Mrs Walker who came in one Friday afternoon to do some gardening, ready for new raised beds.


We planted lettuce and rocket seeds in trays and carrots seeds in shopping bags! smiley



Year 2 really enjoyed their drama and performance lessons with Murmur from Artis! smiley


We enjoyed performing a Chinese folk story called 'Tikki Tikki Tembo...' a character with a very long name, journeys using different types of transport and finally we got to perform in groups to make each part of an electrical circuit to the music of 'Electric Fields'. 

Egg-stra special eggs!


We enjoyed designing our own Easter Eggs for an egg-citing whole school competition. The entries were egg-stravagant! surprise

Year 2 winning eggs...

World Book Week


During world book week, we were lucky enough to have an author visit us. Robert Bullock has written stories including 'Noah Ramsbottom and The Cave Elves' which we read together, then Rob read us part of the sequel called.


We enjoyed writing our own adventure involving Noah Ramsbottom, being transported to a new setting through door number 1!


Year 2 followed this by reading some of the Mr Benn stories where he travels to a new setting through a green door in a fancy dress shop. He has lots of different adventures as a knight, a spaceman, a chef, a clown a hunter in the jungle and many more. We wrote our own imaginative stories where Mr Benn turned into these characters.


Later on in the week we had fun dressing up as our favourite characters: we had lots of fabulous costumes, especially the home made ones. Lots of the staff including Mrs Hartley were the dwarves from Snow White. smiley

Spring 1


In our topic called  'Wheels Wing's and Other Things', we learned about transport through time, starting with the history behind the famous inventor George Stephenson and his 'Rocket'. We were fascinated by the replica we saw at the National Railway Museum in York.


In Literacy, ICT and Geography we researched different types of transport and when or how we use them. We wrote our own information pages for a non-fiction book using headings, subheadings, paragraphs, captions, labels, fun facts and photographs.


Our science investigations involved using different vehicles and surfaces to learn about how forces work. 

International Week


Our chosen country during International Week was the USA because Jamie and Megan Doherty in our class both emigrated from Los Angeles.


During the week we learned lots about the different states, how big the country is, how the climate and food varies across the country, types of leisure activities, famous people, famous brands we use every day, the presidents and generally differences in the lives of children our age. 


Mrs Doherty came into visit us and talk about her time in Los Angeles. We asked her lots of questions we'd written before hand. She showed us lots of interesting photographs. 


One of our favourite activities was making 'Rocky Road' bites which didn't last long once they'd chilled over night. Yummy! smiley


Here are some photographs of us during the International Week whole school assembly. We sang 'America the Beautiful' perfectly!




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Useful Information for Parents


PE days are currently on a Monday and Wednesday. Please ensure your child has a fully named kit and suitable trainers / pumps  (and socks for girls instead of tights) if they are outside.


Reading books are changed on a Monday and Thursday. Please check you have signed (and made a comment if you wish) in your child's reading record, so we know if the book has been completed or not.


Homework is given on Thursdays, usually in the form of spellings to be learned for a test the following week. These contain a focus phoneme to learn as well as tricky (or high frequency) words. Occasionally extra homework in the form of a different literacy or maths activity may be given, especially over the holidays. Apart from work to be finished, we expect homework to be returned on or before the following Thursday.


If your child has been absent, we will write their name on any missed spellings, homework or letters. These will then be available upon their return from the 'Letters home' tray, in the classroom.


Many thanks.