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Year 1

Academic Year 2019 - 2020

                      Let your light shine

                                      Matthew 5:16


Hello Year 1  



We hope you are all well


Over the next two weeks we have lots of exciting new activities linked to our Recycling topic. We will learn all about The Messy Magpie, who works hard to look after the environment by recycling lots of rubbish. 


We have also been invited to take part in a new TTRS competition, competing against other local primary schools (see more details on the Maths Home Learning tab)


Please do keep in touch and keep your photos coming, it is great to celebrate your hard work and efforts.


Enjoy these precious moments together in this lovely weather, making memories and having fun with your family.


Take care


Mrs Clifford and Mrs Bolton





Welcome to Year 1's page. We hope you enjoy looking at some of the very many different things we are learning.
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       Academic Year 2018-2019



"Be kind to one another and build each other up"

                           1 Thessalonians 5:11

Welcome to Year 1's page. We hope you enjoy looking at some of the very many different things we are learning.
                      Summer 2
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Academic Year 2017~18

'For with God nothing shall be impossible'

Luke 1:37

Welcome to our Year One page!


We hope you have all had a lovely break and we look forward to lots of exciting things happening this year. The children are already settling back in to school life and have started their new school year with lots of enthusiasm and with a fantastic attitude towards their learning in Year 1.


Please feel free to ask us any questions  - we will try and answer any queries, worries or comments you may have about your child's learning straight away or as soon as we possibly can. Alternatively, if you would just like to come and have a look around the classroom then you are very welcome to do so. We look forward to getting to know you all!


We will be sending out regular updates on what the children have been learning, and updating this page on a regular basis. 


Mrs Clifford & Mrs Bolton



                                                             Summer 2

Here are a few websites that will support your child with their phonics.





Academic Year 2016~17

see below.....

Today we said "goodbye" to some of our beautiful butterflies! Well done to all the class for following the caterpillar rules and looking after them so brilliantly. The children have found it very exciting; they have enjoyed checking our butterfly house each day for empty cocoons and fluttering butterflies. 
World Book Day and what a great day it has been! The children really pushed the boat out with their fabulous costumes and we have shared some lovely books with our friends in year 3 and year 5!
Last Wednesday, Year One had a fabulous visit to Skipton Castle. We are now experts in identifying battalions, curtain walls and castle skirts! The children thoroughly enjoyed their day and their behaviour was perfect. Well worth a visit, especially when the weather is a bit warmer!
Party Time!
Santa's Grotto has arrived in Year 1 and the children are busy writing letters to Santa before they can go to see him. Santa has also employed some elves who are busy wrapping lots of 3d shapes!

This week all classes are taking part in Enterprise Week. Year One are making a selection of gift bags to sell. These are being sold at the Christmas Fair this Saturday (3rd December). We would like to give our Year One parents the opportunity to buy their own child's work before the fair at a special discounted price of £4.00 for all six bags. They will be £1 each at the Christmas Fair, so try not to miss out on this special offer!!!


The children are thoroughly enjoying making their bags. They are really making an effort to make the bags special and they can't wait for you to see what they have made! Take a look at our photos to see our young entrepreneurs in action!

We have had such an exciting week in year 1! As part of our work on superheroes, we have been very, very lucky to have not just one, but two REAL LIFE superheroes in our classroom!


Our first real life superhero was Dr Alex Simms, a very important cardiologist from Leeds General Infirmary. Dr Simms is Luke's dad, and Luke prepared us for the visit by telling us all about the super life saving activities he does! Luke was also his Dad's very important helper when Dr Simm's demonstrated the important procedures he has to do on a daily basis. We learnt all about the work of a heart surgeon and the important team that help to do his work. We hope you enjoy looking at the photos.


Thank you to Dr Simms for taking time out of his busy schedule to talk to us.

Not to outdo Dr Simm's visit on Tuesday, on Thursday we had a visit from a REAL LIFE OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALLIST!!! Paul Bennett won a gold medal in Rio with the men's eight rowing team. We prepared for his visit by watching a video of the exciting race and thinking about what makes a person an Olympic Hero? Of course, the whole of the school were very keen to meet Paul and prepared some excellent questions to ask him in a special assembly. Our first reaction when we met Paul was amazement at how tall he is; he is almost 7 foot! Some of us even had a hold of his Olympic medal, which was actually quite heavy, and lots of children throughout the school got his autograph! All of the children in year one had a photo with Paul and his gold medal - we will print them off for you -  it is not every day you get to be photographed wearing an Olympic Gold Medal! We would like to thank Paul for taking the time to come and see us, to share his rowing experiences and give us an insight into the positive mindset you need to win a gold medal.


Have a look at our pictures below.

Paul Bennett, Olympic Gold Medal Winner and Real Life Super Hero (part 2)!

We have been very busy super heroes this week! We have been busy in our Super Hero Headquarters, preparing any equipment, tools or badges we may need on a super hero mission. We have been thinking about special names for our super heroes, such as Jumping Jack, Lightning Lydia or Exciting Ella. We have also created a long list of interesting adjectives to describe our super heroes, making labels and writing sentences about their special powers!

PE will be on Monday and Wednesday. Could children please keep their PE bag in school so that children always have their PE kit with them at the the right time, and please ensure that all clothing is labelled clearly to avoid any clothes mix ups!


Could children also bring their book bags and their reading books in each day - we will try to listen to the children read as often as possible.

Getting busy in our new classroom!