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Spreading our Wings
Looking after Our World
Read through the power point below to learn how to write a persuasive letter.
Now it your turn!  We are going to write a persuasive letter that will encourage others to look after our wonderful world. You could write a letter to someone in your family to try to persuade them to recycle all their rubbish or write to Leeds City Council to persuade them to provide more recycling bins. You can use the templates below or blank paper. I look forward to reading all your wonderful letters.
Click on the link below and complete the worksheet.Can you think of five different things they can do or change that will help the earth? Remember to include capital letters and full stops.
Click on the link below to design a poster to display in a room in your home to encourage your family to recycle. Remember to make it bold and colourful so it stands out. You can use blank paper if you do not want to print out the sheet.
The Messy Magpie
Click on the link below to listen to The Messy Magpie story. 
Use the story map below to rewrite the story of The Messy Magpie. 
Can you use descriptive language to describe the setting and characters from The Messy Magpie story? You can use the worksheets below or use blank paper.
What is Morris the Magpie thinking, saying and feeling when he sees what his collection has done to his woodland home? Use the worksheets below to record your ideas.
Use the worksheet below to create a letter to the humans from Morris the Magpie to help them change their ways.
Talk for Writing
Please use the writing document below. This is a unit of work based on Pippety Skycap – A tale of mischief! Through the world of Pippety Skycap, you will be invited to explore a number of
engaging, fun and purposeful activities. They are planned in a series of mini-activities so
that learning is broken down into bite-size chunks. You can record your work on blank paper if you do not want to print out the worksheets.
Instruction Writing
With so many of you doing wonderful things at home such as baking, planting seeds and making models we thought it would be a great opportunity to work on our instruction writing skills. Click on the link below to find 5 lessons to help you write the perfect set of instructions. Don't forget to send lots of photos of your completed work.
Fiction Writing
Our writing lessons over the next two weeks will focus on 'Fiction Writing'. Click on the link below and scroll down to find five lessons based upon a story of Katie in London, a little girl who goes on a big adventure in a big city. We look forward to reading your own stories.
Easter news writing
Now that the Easter holidays are over we would love to hear about all the wonderful things you and your family have been doing over the holiday. Click on the link below to print the report template or you can use blank paper to record your news. Remember to use capital letters, full stops and neat handwriting. 
We are looking forward to reading all your exciting news!
Writing Activities
Please choose a daily writing activity from the link below. Read the task carefully and make sure you think about the skills you will need to use to write successfully.
When you have finished your task, read over your work and make sure you are happy with it. Then read your work aloud to your family.
Retell a fairy tale

Click the link below and use the pictures of characters and objects to help you rewrite a fairy tale. Remember to use capital letters and full stops in your writing. 

Challenge: Can you change the ending of the fairy tale?

Story writing
These cards are designed to provide you with a setting, main character and special object
as the basis for your story writing. Choose a card from each set and see what creative stories you can come up with! You can write the story, act it out, create a cartoon…anything!