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History at home

The history of trains

Click on the power point below to learn all about George Stephenson and the history of trains.

Find the 'My First Steam Train Ride' slide and answer the questions.

Now use the 'George Stephenson' writing template to write some fantastic sentences all about his life and the steam trains he built.
The history of cars
Read through the power point below to learn about how cars have changed over time.
Now complete the work sheet below comparing cars from the past and present. You don't need to print this worksheet, you could draw both cars and label each one.
Click on the link below to enjoy hearing all about the history of cars.
Transport old and new
Think about how you and your family travel to school, work, to visit family and go on holiday. What types of transport do you use? We are going to learn how different types of transport has changed over time. Click on the link below and to read about the different changes.
Click on the link below to complete a transport timeline. If you cannot print the sheet have a go at making your own timeline using paper and your own pictures. I look forward to seeing your timeline!
Captain Oates
As part of our topic this half term we have been learning all about a local hero, Captain Lawrence Oates. Use your own research and the knowledge organiser below to make your own fact file about Captain Oates. You can use the template below or make your own booklet.