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Today's English lesson

Escape from Pompeii

Reading of the picture book Escape from Pompeii

Thursday 1st October


1.Create questions for each of the 'wh' words from your spelling list for this week.

Remember question marks -  ?


2. Practise your spellings using look/say/cover/ write check.

    What sound do all the 'ou' words make?


3. Practise your handwriting with these words.


4.. See how many words  you  can make using the letters in  continent.


Wednesday 30th September

1. Practise some basic skills with the sentences below. Use a conjunction to combine two sentences into one sentence.

Remember where to put capital letters and full stops!



2.Jot down some ideas for an extra chapter for "The Twits."

   Think of a new trick that Mr or Mrs Twit can play on the other.

   What might happen?

   What will they say to each other?

  It may help to make your ideas  into a comic strip with speech bubbles.

Tuesday 29th September

Today we are going to read about the tricks Mr. and Mrs. Twit play on each other. Read/ listen to the end of the chapter "The Funny Walking Stick" p23 and then answer the questions below.

Monday 28th September


 Today we are going to start reading "The Twits" by Roald Dahl.

Read/ listen to the opening description of Mr Twit from the audiobook.


Draw and make a list of the disgusting items found in Mr. Twit's beard.

Add some extra ideas of your own using interesting adjectives.


How would you describe Mr. Twit's character from the opening description of him?