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The Rainforest

Quick Writes - have a go at these quick write mats which are based upon rainforest photographs. (uploaded 2nd July).

Please look in the Reading section of our class page. There is an ebook about The Rainforest for you to enjoy! (Uploaded 6th June).

Lesson 5: Comparing the Amazon Rainforest and Sherwood Forest.

(Uploaded 21st June).


Can you compare the Amazon Rainforest and Sherwood Forest? Can you locate both of these places on a map? Take a look at the Powerpoint and read the information sheets. You can use the worksheets to record your findings, or you could be more creative with your presentation! 

Lesson 4: Animals of the Rainforest.

(Uploaded 6th June)


Which animals live in the rainforest? Read through the Powerpoint and fact files and then create your own fact files for animals of the rainforest.

Lesson 3: The Layers of the Rainforest.

(Uploaded 6th June).


This lesson will teach you about the different layers of the rainforest. Work through the powerpoint and watch the short video to learn more and then have a go at the activity sheet - choose the correct level to complete.

Lesson 2: The Rainforest Climate.

(Uploaded 6th June).


What is the climate of a rainforest? What is the difference between climate and weather? Read through the powerpoint and then have a go at writing a weather report for your chosen area!

Lesson 1: Where in the world are rainforests?

(Uploaded 1st June).


What is a rainforest? Can you locate some of the world's rainforests on a map? 


When locating the rainforests on a map, pick the sheet you would normally do in class - 1 star, 2 star or 3 stars. 


Then, research the rainforests in different countries, recording your research  on the sheets below.