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(Added 20th May).


Please make sure you are looking carefully at the Y3/Y4 Statutory Spellings - these are words that you SHOULD be able to spell CORRECTLY by the time you leave Year 4.  


I have included the list of these words again and some activities to help you practise them. I have included a dictation exercise - you will have to get somebody at home to read the passages out for you to write down. I have included a guidance sheet, so that you will know what to do.


(Added 15th May).


Who can remember what a determiner is? Refresh your memory by looking through this PowerPoint and having a go at the various activities I have posted below.

Homophones and Commonly Confused Words. (Added 15th May).

Do you know your their from your there? How about when to use your and when to use you're?

Practise your homophones and commonly confused words with these sheets below.



Subordinating Conjunctions.

(Added 15th May).


Refresh your understanding of subordinating conjunctions. Remember that a subordinating clause can be at the beginning of a sentence as well as at the end! Watch the clip on the BBC Bitesize page:


Once you have watched it, you can have a go at the activities which appear below the video.


Then try to complete the following activities: