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Year 6 Science lesson at Cardinal Heenan

Year 6 enjoyed an investigative science lesson at Cardinal Heenan recently. We learned all about control variables, dependent and independent variables as we tested the rate of change of temperature of water in different sized containers.

Primary/ secondary liaison

We are very grateful for the support given by Mrs Whitelaw from Cardinal Heenan to our primary science curriculum. Here she is in a Year 4 science lesson.

After talking about how water behaves as a solid, a liquid and a gas, two brave volunteers speeded up the melting of ice with a spirit burner.

We demonstrated how particles in solids, liquids and gases are arranged and how they differ in energy and movement.

Cluster group Science

A group of teachers from our local cluster group planned an investigative Science lesson on electricity together. It was delivered to Year 4 at St. Urban's and it was a great success!

Science day 2017

The whole school was observing, predicting, hypothesising and generalising on Science day. Many thanks to the many parents who shared their scientific interest and expertise.