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Science at home

Cody the caterpillar life cycle
Click on the link below to make make your own life cycle wheel.
Recording the weather
Earlier in the year we learnt about the four seasons and the weather associated with each season. Now we are in the season of summer we will now look at the different weather we are having and record our weather each day. Use the chart below to record the weather or you could draw the chart on blank paper.
Reporting the weather
Click on the link below to watch a BBC presenter reporting the weather.
Now its your turn to become a TV presenter reporting on the weather. Use the power point to report the daily weather to your family. I look forward to seeing a video clip of your fantastic reports. Good luck!
The Messy Magpie's Materials
Lets join the Messy magpie and learn all about materials.
Recycling Materials
Click on the link below and enjoy sorting materials into the correct recycling bins.
Click on the worksheet below and lets see if you can sort the different objects into the correct box. If you do not want to print the worksheet you could draw the pictures and sort them into different groups. Can you explain to your family how you have sorted the objects?
Terrific Trees
Click on the links below to watch two video clips all about Evergreen and Deciduous trees.
Now its time to go for a walk around your local area with your family and try to find the different types of trees.  Try to collect some fallen leaves from the ground as you walk around your area. You could use these leaves to make your own piece of 'leaf' art work. Remember to send lots of photos for our class page.
Now that you are a tree expert, click on the link below to find a fun sorting activity you can play with your family. 
Labelling plants and trees
Click on the documents below. Can you label the different parts of a plant and a tree. You could use blank paper and draw the picture in place of printing. 

Our science topic this half term is 'Plants'. We will learn to identify and name a variety of common wild and garden plants, plus identify and describe the structure of a variety of flowering plants, including trees. 


To make a start lets go on a plant hunt! You can use your garden or search for the plants when you go for a walk in your local area. Click on the link below to find the plants you are looking for. 


Keep your eyes open...... you may find others too!

Click on the link below to complete the sequencing activity to show how a plant grows. If you do not want to print this sheet you can make your own sequence using paper and your own pictures.
What can you see?
Click on the link below and see if you can spot these birds in your garden.If you look at the rest of the Woodland Trust website it will give you lots of ideas about looking after wildlife.