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"Be kind to one another" (Ephesians 4:32)

Welcome to all our families in Year R. We hope you enjoy visiting our page and seeing your children engaged in their learning throughout the year. Please feel free to come in to our class on a regular basis to see the children's lovely work, or if you have any questions or concerns that you would like to chat about. We look forward to getting to know you and your child over the coming months.


Mrs Hill, Mrs Oakley & Mrs Thorne.



Our first group of children started today, and despite the rain, we had a lovely day. We are looking forward to welcoming more families tomorrow and on Wednesday!
Day 2! We had another group of happy, confident children joining us today. It was lovely to hear the children asking each other their names, playing together beautifully and becoming familiar with their new surroundings. Here's to day 3 tomorrow and our final 10 children arriving to make our class complete!

Well done to all the children so far! We have had a busy day as a class of 30 - lots of new routines, lots of new faces and lots to do! Another good day at St Urban's!

Making friends - today we have been cutting, building, climbing, counting and singing!
And to cap off our first week at school, some of us had a go on the balance bikes!




Academic Year 2018 - 2019

Yay! It's almost a wrap and goodbye to Year R!

Yay! It's almost a wrap and goodbye to Year R! 1
Today we have enjoyed a fabulous day on the beach! The weather was kind to us and we spent our time digging holes, making castles, drawing pictures and being mermaids.  We hope you enjoy looking at all the photos.



Today we had a class of very excited children as we unpacked our set of building blocks, ramps, steering wheels and planks, all funded by parents and the fantastic fundraising team FOSU. In one afternoon, the children have been sorting the items into categories, ordering them according to size, working out how to attach planks safely, counting the holes in each plank and making benches, submarines, trains and aeroplanes! A great afternoon of learning!


Academic Year 2017~18


Welcome to our Reception Class page!

World Book Day - we had lots of lovely little aliens milling around! We also spent some time with the year 6 children sharing our favourite books.
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Flying High! Look at these great pictures of the children "in flight"!
Year R have been telling stories! Following our trip to the pantomime Aladdin last week, we have some very keen performers who are putting on a "show"! Not only are the children rehearsing and planning together, they have also started to make their own tickets and are selling them to each other!

Year R presenting Aladdin!

We have been telling stories with our small world characters - we have written down the children's ideas and now have a brilliant snow story. We will display the story in our classroom - feel free to come and read it when it has been published! Hopefully our budding storytellers will have told some more by then!
Happy New Year to you all! A great big thank you for your input over the Christmas period, from making cakes, buying baubles, providing wonderful costumes and being a brilliant audience! Thank you also for the lovely gifts and cards - I hope you all have had a happy and peaceful (!) Christmas  with your little ones!

Writing letters and helping Father Christmas!

We got a bit wet today, but had a lovely long walk and collected lots of different sized sticks. We are exploring the story "Stick Man" by Julia Donaldson and we will be making lots of families of sticks!

This week, we held the first of our "stay and play" phonics sessions. It was great to see so many parents come and see how we learn our phonics in Year R. We hope the children taught you a thing or two and that the session will help you help your child at home!


We are holding another session next Thursday (November 9th) at 1.30 - it's not too late to sign up!

Parents and Phonics morning

Outdoor learning is very popular... there's just so much fun to be had!
What a busy week we have had! Thirty new children, lots of new friends to make and so much to do! 

Water, cardboard boxes and teamwork!