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Book Reviews

We are very proud of you all for all the wonderful reading you are doing at home. Each time you read a new book why not complete a book review? Click on the links below to download a selection of book reviews to complete. Remember to send photos of your completed work

Wash Your Hands!
Click on the link below to hear author and illustrator Tony Ross read his book 'I don't want to wash my hands'.
Discuss with your family what this story is about, and why this is important. 
Reading Detectives

Time to be a detective! Explore your books at home, and on the Oxford Owl FREE eBooks list (see link below).

Can you complete the detective book hunt below? 


VE Day Reading Comprehension
Listen to a story

We are learning all about transport this half term so lets listen to a story all about Olivia who goes on her first aeroplane ride. 

When you have listened to this story you can enjoy listening to lots more stories on BBC radio.

It may be difficult to get new books to read at the moment, so why not try listening to some from BBC Schools Radio?
Plant Comprehension
Read the information sheet on the life cycle of a sunflower and answer the questions. 
Reading Comprehension
Read the short extracts below, discuss and answer the questions. You can print the sheet or answer the questions on a blank piece of paper.