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(Added 19th June)

This week's task is about Easter Sunday.

(Added 12th June)

This week's task is about Good Friday.

(Added 8th June)

This week's task is about Maundy Thursday.

(Added 1st June)

This week carry out the Palm Sunday task - the first in a series!

(Added 13th May)

Please spend some learning The Angelus.

Read about what the words of the prayer mean and where the prayer comes from.

(Added 6th May)

For the task on the Rosary, match the descriptions of each Mystery to its title (on the information sheet).

Then choose one Mystery, tell the story of it and then illustrate it.

Feel free to choose more than one set of Mysteries.


(Added 29th April)

For the task on Forgiveness, also look up (and learn) Matthew 18:21-22.

If you have an actual Bible, please try and use that to find the verses (so you get more practice at using a Bible).

If you don't have a Bible, then you can use your favourite search engine to find the verses.


Task 1 asks you to think carefully about the events of Holy Week and Easter.

Task 2 focuses on the Stations of the Cross (from Good Friday).

For Task 2, start on page 2 as you will have already covered page 1 in Task 1.