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St Peter and St Paul.

(Uploaded 28th June).


This Sunday we celebrated the Feast of two great saints who have helped to share faith throughout the world, St Peter and St Paul.


You can watch and join in with Mass from Sunday by following this link:


What do you know about St Peter and St Paul? Why do we celebrate them? How did they both show faithfulness?


Below, there is a Powerpoint about the two Saints. Read through this and, combined with your own independent research, complete two posters: one for St Peter and one for St Paul. Think carefully about presentation (there are some excellent examples of beautifully presented work on the Celebration of Learning tab). Your posters need to include information as to why they became saints, how they showed their faith and what we can learn from them. You will also want to include a drawing of the saint. 


It would be lovely to receive emails of your completed work, so please do send them to the class email address.



What Can I Do?

Read and reflect on the ideas in the poem. Can you write your own version of the poem?

Jesus' Teachings.


Learn by heart what Jesus teaches us. Read through the document and then ask someone at home to test you!

The Easter Story:


Please use the documents below to look closely at the Easter story.