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The Wedding at Cana
Click on the link below to hear how Jesus performed his first miracle, changing water into wine at a wedding in Cana.
Can you design a wedding card to give to the happy couple at a wedding. Click on the link below to print a template or you could use blank paper.
Jesus cures the blind man
This story from Jesus’ life tells about a man who had faith to call out to Jesus even when others told him to be quiet.  He knew that Jesus could help him.  The man was healed and received his eyesight because of his faith in Jesus.
Click on the link below to see how Jesus cured the blind man of Jericho.
Click on the link below and discuss each question with your family.
Jesus cures the paralysed man
Jesus showed his love for sick people when he cured a man who was paralysed. We will now reflect on the great love Jesus has for all who are sick.
Click on the link below and watch how Jesus healed a man who could not walk.
Now lets think about how the disciples and paralsed man felt when Jesus cured him. Use the worksheet below to record what you think each person in the room may have said.
This half term we will be reflecting upon the many miracles that Jesus performed. We will begin by learning about the time Jesus showed his great power when he calmed the wind and the waves - 'The calming of the storm'.
Click on the link below to watch how Jesus uses his power to calm the storm.
Click on the link below to make your own paper boat model. You could also make some paper models of Jesus and his disciples to add to your boat. Remember to send some photographs of your finished model.
Prayer Bear
Whilst you are all learning at home Prayer Bear has come to live at my house! He has settled in nicely and has been enjoying the sunshine. As he is missing your wonderful prayers so much he would like you to write a prayer for his prayer book. Please send lots of photos of your prayers for our new Prayer Bear Page.
After his Resurrection, Jesus appeared to the disciples and made a promise to send his Holy Spirit down. Click on the link below to watch a video about Pentecost.
Design a Pentecost stained-glass window for church. Make sure it has a dove or a flame to show the Holy Spirit. You could use the template below or design your own on blank paper. I look forward to seeing your beautiful windows.
Write the story of Pentecost day. Use the template below or write and draw on a blank piece of paper.
May the month of Mary

During May, we remember Mary the Mother of Jesus. Use the power point below to learn more about how we can remember Mary this month. Create a May altar in your home, and spend 5 minutes each day enjoying some quiet reflection time sat beside your special altar. I have included some photographs to help you.

Can you write a special prayer to Mary Our Mother?  Use the template below or write your prayer on paper. You can place your prayer on your special altar. I look forward to reading all your prayers.
The Resurrection
Click on the link below to watch the story of Jesus' resurrection. 

Collective worship is a time where we reflect, share in prayer, listen and respond to bible stories.

Just as we do in class, can you organise a 'Resurrection' collective worship at home for your family to give thanks to Jesus.

You could write a prayer, draw a picture and then set up your prayer focus to gather around. 

Click on the link below to find a template to make your own resurrection bookmark. You can print this or make your own design
Palm Sunday
Click on the link below to hear about Dan the Donkey and how his dreams came true.
Get yourself into a creative mood by making your own palm leaf. Use the template below or use paper to create your own leaf to wave on Palm Sunday.
Holy Week
Click on the link below to read the Easter story and then have a go at making your own Easter story wheel. Can you use your wheel to tell the story to your family?