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Watch the video and look at the powerpoint about the Amazon rainforest.

Think about what you have researched already about rainforests. 

Using the links below:

1. Fill in the map about where rainforests are located.

2. Write about the effects on plants, animals and humans of deforestation.


What can you find out about rainforests?


To begin find out 10 facts about rainforests.

Where in the world are rainforests located?

What animals are found in rainforests?

Why are rainforests under threat?


Start your own project/learning log. Use keywords/ fact -boxes/ did you know? etc.

Use your skills in independent learning.


Websites such as Primary Homework will help.


One of the writing activities assigned is a powerpoint on a subject of your choice, which would be a good time to explore an aspect of History or Geography which interests you.