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Music at home

Stan's Band
Read the story below all about Stan,a talented singing Star fish.
Read through the powerpoint below to find out about the different types of instruments played in Stan's band.  It names the percussion and tuned instruments and explores how they are played.
Use the grid and pictures below to plan a musical sequence or rhythm.
The Messy Magpie recycle song
Lets learn a new song all about how the Messy Magpie keeps everywhere clean and tidy by recycling. Maybe you could think of a new verse to add. I look forward to hearing your wonderful singing. Once you have learnt the song you could go to our Design and Technology home learning page and make your own recycled instrument to accompany your singing.
Earth Day Song
The song below gives a very important message of how it is so important to look after our wonderful world. Listen to the song and try to join in. You could add actions to the song and perform it to your family. It would be great to see some video clips of you singing this song at home.
Music with Mrs Heap
Whilst we are at home we can still enjoy our music lessons with our favourite music teacher, Mrs Heap. Click on the link below to enjoy her lesson. Your family may enjoy the lesson too!
Out Of The Ark

Out of the Ark are adding a new song, warm up or musical activity every day which is available for free on their website. Click on the link below.

St Urban's Music Curriculum Page
Click on the link the below to enjoy lots of home learning music activities
No place like home!

Using the tune of The Wheels on the Bus can you add more verses to the song below describing the different things you are doing at home. 


My home is where I dance around,
Dance around, dance around,
My home is where I dance around,
Dance around

Use the backing track below to practice your new 'At Home' song
I look forward to hearing all your wonderful singing!
Music at home
Music is a great way to relax, have fun and keep your mind active. Because of this, the ArtForms team has been working hard to create some resources to help you to continue your learning and music making. Click on the link below to find lots of ideas and resources you can use to have fun at home.