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Monday 19th October

English - Looking for Prepositions - Where Teachers Keep Their Pets Poem

Read and enjoy Where Teachers Keep Their Pets by Paul Cookson (see above).

  • Can you spot the pattern? Each verse describes a teacher and their pet. The name of the teacher, the pet type and the place it is kept all rhyme. 
  • Look at the  PowerPoint: Prepositions to explore prepositions and how they can be used to express time, place and cause.
  • Can you spot the prepositions in this poem? 


  • Read  Where Teachers Keep Their Pets .
  • Underline the prepositions in the poem and check  that you have found them all.
  • Then use prepositions to express time, place or cause.
  •  Write on the poem changing the preposition, e.g. Mr Spare’s got grizzly bears hiding underneath his spacious flares. Discuss the change in meaning.
Challenge: Write new phrases to go after the new preposition, e.g. Mrs Cox has a fox nesting until five o’clock. Rhyming is optional! Set a target to ensure they don’t just stick to place (e.g. at least 2 prepositions for time, 2 for cause).