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Maths - 


Today we are looking at rounding to estimate and approximate. We have done lots of work on rounding so far in Year 5, so hopefully you will enjoy this lesson. 

Click the link to watch the video and then complete the worksheet. Remember, you do not need to print out the sheet - simply writing your answers onto a piece of paper is enough!

I have also set up a new battle on TTRS. It begins today and ends next Monday. If you need a reminder of your login details, please email the class email address and I will pass them on to you. Good luck!

English - 


We are continuing with our class novel - Wonder. The next section we will be reading is written from Summer's perspective. In class, we will be reading two chapters - 'Weird Kids' and 'The Plague'. After reading, we will be writing a diary entry as Summer, thinking about the moment that she first went and sat with August at lunchtime. Remember to include lots of emotions and informal language.