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Fluency Practice

Here is this week's fluency sheet (updated 3rd July). Have a go and answer as many questions as you can!

From Monday 4th May, the worksheets for the Maths lessons can be found on this page (along with the answers so you can see how you have done!). The other resources are still to be found on the White Rose Maths website (see above).

Remember, you do not have to print them out. If you would prefer, you can just put the sheet on screen and work out/answer the questions on paper.

Please, though, remember (a date and) a learning objective/lesson heading.

If you would like to practise these skills further, then the Further Practice activities can be found just below this week's answer sheets. You do not need to use the web link to access them.

Links for further practice (week beginning 11th May).

Use the Further Practice link (above).

Remember, it's the Year 6 Practice Book Summer Home Edition book you need.

Lesson 1 - page 20

Lesson 2 - page 24

Lesson 3 - page 28

Lesson 4 - page 32

For Maths, start at the beginning (Week 1 Lesson 1) and once you have completed one lesson, move on to the next one - remember to pace yourself - not too fast and not too slow!

EDIT - Now the Easter break has finished, you should be trying to be as up-to-date as possible.

Remember to email to me each week a piece of learning from Maths. When you email the learning, please remember to include a learning objective (title) so that I know which activity you have been doing - thank you!

For each lesson, watch the video (stopping and starting where it tells you) - have pencil and paper to hand for any activities during the video.

After the video, get the activity and work through it as best you can - you can keep the activity on screen and then record your working and answers on a sheet of paper (don't forget to put the date and heading!).

After you have completed the activity, you can get the answers to see how you have done. If you haven't got something quite right, have a look back through the question to see if you can work it out (an adult might be able to help here).

St George's Day Maths Puzzle

Here is a Maths Puzzle for St George's Day. The answers are included but see if you can solve the puzzle without looking!