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Maths - Home Learning Activities

Problem Solving:

(Uploaded 2nd July).

Have a go at solving these problems:

The above Maths investigations are fun mysteries. You need to apply your mathematical knowledge to solve clues to solve the mysteries. Good luck and have fun!
Maths Key Skills:

Practising the key skills in Maths is incredibly important. This will keep your fluency up but will also ensure you are best prepared for tackling problems and reasoning questions. 


Please make the time to complete these sheets - it will certainly stand you in good stead for starting Year 5 in September. As well as the 10 Minute Maths and Bubble Maths sheets, the Fluency Friday sheets are an excellent way to practise the key skills. You will find a bank of these sheets if you scroll further down this Maths page.


(Updated 2nd July).

The White Rose videos this week are about Statistics. A couple of weeks ago, I uploaded these worksheets for you to complete. For this week, I have uploaded some other Statistics worksheets which link to the lessons on the White Rose Home Learning page. Please complete the sheet you would normally complete in class: Top of the sea, middle of the sea or down at the bottom of the deep blue sea!

White Rose Maths W/B 15th June.


The videos and activities on the Home Learning Page of White Rose are repeats from earlier on in Lockdown. They are a series of lessons on decimals. If you didn't complete these at the time, please watch the videos.


This week in maths, we are going to look at statistics. You will spend time looking at different graphs and learning how to interpret the data. This work can often be a bit tricky - you might want to complete the sheets with an adult. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you need some help.

TTRS Top of the Rocks Competition.

(Uploaded 12th June).


St Urban's are taking part in a Top of the Rocks TTRS Battle and we need your help! This is a battle between different schools in the Leeds Diocese. Can you help St Urban's become Top of the Rocks?! Every time you play, your points will be added to the total for our school.


Come on, Year 4 - let's get St Urban's to the top!


The battle will be running from Monday 15th June - Friday 19th June.


Good luck!

TTRS Battle.

(Uploaded 12th June).


Congratulations to The Rockers! You won the battle this week! You scored 676 points. The Rollers weren't too far behind, scoring 568 points.


Only 8 children took part in this week's battle - let's see if we can improve on that number for the next battle - particularly seeing as we are competing against other schools!


Well done to Audelia, who was our Most Valuable Player for The Rockers. Audelia scored a very impressive 575 points!


Well done to Sarah, who was our Most Valuable Player for The Rollers. Sarah scored 169 points for her team!



Fractions Challenge (Uploaded 12th June).

Money Challenge (Uploaded 12th June).

Maths work W/B 8th June.

(Uploaded 6th June)


The White Rose Maths videos and activities for week beginning 8th June, are activities that you have already done. Therefore, I will post lessons here instead. This week, we will be looking at time. Time can be a tricky topic, so, if you can, have a clock in front of you when you are completing this work. Also, make sure you know how many seconds are in a minute, how many minutes are in a hour, how many hours are in a day etc. 


This knowledge organiser might be useful - have a look at this before starting your lessons.

Are you a Maths Wizard?! Multiples and Factors.

TTRS Battle.

(Updated 15th May).

Well done to the children who have been taking part in the TTRS battles! 14 of you took part in the last battle. How many of you will take part in the next battle?! It is Rockers vs Rollers again and it runs until Friday 22nd May at 2pm. Who will be our Most Valuable Players?!


Let the battle commence!

Have a go at these three fun activities! You'll need some sticks to create roman numerals, boxes to create junk models to measure and some squared paper! (Uploaded 11th May).

White Rose Maths

From Monday 11th May, the activity sheets for the online White Rose Maths lessons can be found on this page. The videos are still being posted on the White Rose Home Learning page. Remember, you do not need to print these sheets out - you could just keep the sheet on screen and write your answers on a separate piece of paper.

White Rose Activity Sheets W/B 18th May.


Power Maths:

If you want further practice of any topic, use the link below. Once you have accepted the terms of use, you will be directed to a Year 4 resources page.  Each week I will give the pages for each activity from the Year 4 Practice Book Summer Home Edition. These pages consolidate the learning and activities completed on the White Rose website.

Power Maths Activity Sheets W/B 18th May.


Power Maths Activities. W/B 11th May.

Lesson 2: Perimeter of a rectangle - page 24-27.

Lesson 3: Perimeter of rectilinear shapes - page 28 - 31.


Lesson 4: Counting squares - page 32 - 35.

TTRS Battle - Boys vs Girls!


I have set up a battle on TTRS - let's see who the times tables champions are - the boys or the girls?! Boys - there are only 9 of you, so you'll have to work extra hard! You can play in any game type and, at the end, the group with the most correct answers is the winner!


I will be checking to see who is playing and will post certificates for the Most Valued Player in each team to recognise excellent contribution.


The battle runs from now (Thursday 30th April) until 8th May.


Good luck!

St George's Day - The Mystery of the Missing Horse.

It is St George's Day on Thursday 23rd April. Can you solve the mystery of the missing horse?

NRICH Maths Activities
You may remember playing this game in class - why not have a go playing against someone at home? The challenge is to reach -20 first. Remind yourself of the rules before you start to play.

Cup Empty Game

The Emoji Road Trip Maths Investigation

Work your way through this maths game to find out where the emojis are going on a road trip!
White Rose Online Maths Lessons
Online maths lessons and activities offered by White Rose Maths. There is new lesson each day! They are currently up to Week 2, but you can access Week 1 lessons and activities and I would suggest you start from there. These lessons cover the maths we would be learning in school at the moment. There is a video to watch for each lesson. Once you have watched the video, click on the activity. You can either print the activity or can keep it on screen whilst you write the answers on paper. The answers are then available to check your work once you have completed it.

Fluency Friday.


I will upload a new Fluency Friday sheet every Friday. I will include Stage 2, Stage 3 and Stage 4 - please complete the sheet you would normally complete in class. I will also include the answer sheet for you to check your work once completed. Please feel free to ask a grown up (or older sister or brother!) to help you if you get stuck.





Please check MyMaths regularly, as I will upload at least one task per week.

 Ten Minute Maths 

Although these maths mats are called Ten Minute Maths, do not be put off if they take you longer than ten minutes to complete!


I would suggest completing two of these sheets per week.