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Design a poster to help people to maintain the rules of Social Distancing based on the advice given from the Government.

Turn an event that has happened in your life, or a family member's, into a newspaper report. It could be the birth of your brother or sister, winning a competition, Dad finally winning a match on Fifa, big sister crashing her car, the choice is yours.

Remember our rules of newspaper reports. 1. The first sentence or two (25 words max) tells the story in a nutshell through most of the 5Ws. 2. The most important details come nearer the beginning of the report less important at the end. 3.You can have direct and indirect quotes.

  • Imagine it is 8th May 1945. You have just heard Winston Churchill announce that the war in Europe is over. Write a diary entry of what happened around you after that point. Include your and others reactions, who was there (or possibility wasn't) and what happened, your thoughts and emotions etc
  • Create a biography, poster or explanation text to detail the life of St George. Explore who he was, what happened in his life and why he was chosen as the patron saint of England. Add any other pieces of interesting information about St George or St George's Day.