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History/Geography home learning


Learn about concepts such as supply and demand, import and export in this BBc lesson. 

Try the worksheets about UK imports and exports.

Famous people in History

Learn more about some of the famous people we have been learning about in History, including Rosa Parks. The scientist, Edward Jenner, who found a vaccine for smallpox, is also celebrated here.

Can you write a mini-biography for one or more of these people?

Plastics and sustainability

Can we keep on throwing away single use plastic? What damage is it doing to our environment?Watch this lesson from the BBC and decide.

1.Choose how to present your findings e.g. as a poster or in fact-boxes.


2. Write definitions of these terms.

a) biodegradable

b) sustainable

c) landfill


World Geography

The BBC programme above revises world continents.

1.You can print off the map above and fill in the names of the continents. Try the oceans too.

2.There is a video about two children, Judah from Cardiff and Reenie from Papua New Guinea.

Write about the similarities and differences in their lives

Think about the climate where they live, their schools, language and daily life.



VE day and the end of the war

When you watch the videos below, you will see how D-Day helped  to bring about VE day and the end of the war in Europe on 8th May 1945. However the war was still continuing in other parts of the world.

What was VJ day and what terrible event helped to bring that about? When did World War 2 finally end?

Choose how to show your understanding of VE day and the end of the war with either

1. a fact-file

2. a poster

3. paragraphs/fact boxes

4. a powerpoint



It's the 8th May 1945. Imagine you are there! Write about your excitement and experiences that day.

Click on the sub-page to see any work about rainforests which you may have missed.