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  • Look through the PowerPoint about Maya food, many of them you will eat and love nowadays. Using the PowerPoint and additional research, create 5 points/reasons to highlight the significance of corn to the Maya and 5 points/reasons to show the significance of chocolate to the Maya.
  • The Maya had created a language using glyphs in a hieroglyphic language similar to the Ancient Egyptians. Have a look through the Maya Writing Fact Cards and Writing Glyphs Word document to find out more. Then you can complete the logograms worksheet and a reading comprehension task suitable to you.
  • The Maya civilisation built their cities in a very similar way each time across their Empire. The pictures on the Word document show examples of what might have been situated in one. Use the pictures and your own research to write an explanation text about a Maya city.
  • Use the PowerPoint as well as some research of your own to create a explanation text about Maya religion. You should look to explain; the different types of pyramids, the role of a priest, what the Maya believed, who some of their Gods were and any other interesting information.
  • Use the word document to create a profile for two of the Maya Gods from the PowerPoint. Then design your own Maya God.

We would now be studying the Ancient Maya in school. The Maya were one of the most advanced ancient civilisations. They lived in what is nowadays known as the continent of Central America. They are known to have been around as early as 2000BC but they were mostly prominent between 250BC to 600 AD.

Complete the worksheet about where the Maya were from.



Read through the PowerPoint about the Spanish Armada. Design a storyboard to detail what happened. You may not be able to include all the details so choose which are the most relevant/important.