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Geography at home

The Plastic Planet

Click on the link below and work through the activities to explore the issues caused by plastic pollution and what we can all do to help. If you do not want to print the 'Timeline photo cards', you could draw pictures instead to play the matching game.

Now try the quiz below to see how much you have learnt.
The Messy Magpie and our environment
Read through the power point below to learn how we can look after our environment.
Can you design a poster to help others to learn how to keep our environment clean and safe? Remember to make your poster colourful and bright.  
Recycling in our local area
Now that we are learning all about recycling its time to find out where we can recycle in our local area. You can look at Google Earth and view your local area or go for a walk and try to find recycling provision.
Click on the link below and record your findings. You could also draw a map of your local area, showing the places you can recycle.
Follow the link below to explore new learning about Europe. Listen to the online videos, and complete the interactive activities. If you do not have a printer for activity 3, you can draw the Eiffel Tower on a blank sheet of paper.  
The United Kingdom

Learn about the four countries of the UK.

This lesson includes:

  • a video to help you understand a map of the UK and its four countries

  • two practice activities

Freya’s Uncle Bob has been all over the UK to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Listen to the videos and complete the interactive activities.

Click on the link below to explore lots of fun activities and online games to develop your geographical skills and knowledge.
Map Makers
We have been learning lots about reading and drawing maps in school. Now that you are at home why not practice your map drawing skills by drawing a map of your bedroom, your garden or even your street.
Once you have completed the map of a room have a go at the challenge set on the Design and Technology page, creating a 3D model of your room.