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Friday 16th October

English -Adverbs for time, manner and place

Read Ghoul School Rules by Sue Cowling above.

Which rule do you think is the funniest?  

  • Use PowerPoint: Adverbs (above) slides 1 -5 to discuss adverbs and how they modify verbs.
  • Look at Rule 6 from Ghoul School Rules  find the verb phrase: ‘line up’.  Can you pick out the adverb that says HOW the verb happened?
  • How else do you think this rule could be followed? Brainstorm/rewrite the rule with other adverbs instead of ‘quietly’: Line up LOUDLY for the ghost train; Line up SILENTLY…; Line up QUICKLY... 
  • What about adverbs for time and place? What could we replace ‘quietly’ with? (first, next, there, here, outside, etc.)

Activity: Identify verbs and select adverbs to modify them

On the Ghoul School Rules underline all of the verbs in the rules and then choose adverbs to modify them, or replace adverbs which are already there.