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" Holes" by Louis Sachar 

We are really enjoying reading this book. There are plenty of resources below. Choose some of them to enhance your understanding and enjoyment of the book.

Below are some comprehension questions about the book.
Writing and discussion activities about the book.
Revision work on spelling and punctuation

Biographies and Autobiographies

1.Study the powerpoint about the differences between biographies and autobiographies.

2.Try the reading comprehensions about the biographies of Usain Bolt and J.K. Rowling.

3. Write your own autobiography! 


Click on the PDF above to find lots of ideas to help produce your own autobiography.



 Well done to those of you who are working steadily through your SATS BUSTERS for  READING and SPAG and  the rest of your home learning pack. 

 KEEP READING every day, for half an hour if possible.

After you have tried the story writing section - why not try the short story competition? Details below.


The two programmes above will help you to think about vocabulary and word choices in your writing.

Watch them and try the activities before trying your own story-writing.

If you have read "The Curse of Cogston House" try writing your own scary story. The resources below will help.

Alternatively try carrying on your own story version of one of these story openings from fiction.
Leeds libraries are making it easier to borrow ebooks at the moment. Follow the link above to find out more.

Leeds for Learning have set up a story competition.

The competition is free to enter and open to children aged 7 to 11 and the only rules are that the stories must be no more than 750 words and set in Yorkshire. Entries are encouraged to be "unique, exciting, and imaginative."

The winner will have their story performed by a storyteller as part of the Yorkshire Festival of Story 2020. Click on the link above to find out more.

I know we have some fantastic story- tellers in Year 6 - go on, give it a go!

Check on the History or VE day sub-pages for other writing ideas.

Read the ebook of Cogston House. 

It's more of a short story than a novel, with two alternative endings. 

Have a go at some of the reading and writing activities.

On the differentiated comprehensions, 1* is the most straightforward, 3*** the most difficult.

Subjects and objects can be quite confusing.

Revise what they are with this powerpoint.

Remember noun phrases are all the words that belong with the noun e.g. 'tall, quiet, boy.'




A fun bit of spelling - have a go at these word wheels.

Click on the sub-page above to see English work from last month.