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Our Vision for Computing

The intent of Computing at St Urban’s is to inspire children to have an inquisitive mind about the technology that they encounter every day - which is now an integral part of their lives.

A range of scenarios are implemented into the teaching of Computing in order to allow the children to understand and logically explore the science and technology behind the subject. This will provide the children with a greater level of knowledge and skills to be able to interact pro-actively with a range of Computing mediums.

In turn, this will impact on the growth of their Computing understanding. It will enable children to develop a greater ability to positively and cohesively interact and with the ever-changing technological world.

Academic Year 2019 - 20

Computing now plays a major part in our lives and will continue to do so for our children as they get older and further into the world of education and work. Computer science, algorithms and coding make up vast amounts of how the modern world functions. These intricacies contain more complex skills such as problem solving, logical/lateral thinking and the ability to troubleshoot. We aim to give our children a rich understanding around the science and language of computing, so that they are well equipped to continue their technological journey throughout life.

Y5 hard at work in the Computer Suite

Y6 Python Coding