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Computing- fortnight commencing 1/6/20

Your task, this fortnight, is to collaborate with another person/other people in Year 3 to put together a joint presentation, on a subject of your choice, using PowerPoint- then email to me!

You could begin with a video call 'meeting' to each to discuss the subject and who will create which slides. Then email your presentation slides as an attachment to your partner, together with information explaining what you’ve done and ideas for what your partner could do next. One of the partners/group members (it doesn’t matter which) should combine the slides from both presentations, by copying and pasting slides from one presentation to the other, and email it back to their partner. I would love to see the end results!

The idea is that, not only are you communicating and organising work with each other 'virtually', but you are practising the important skill of using email attachments.