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  • It can be fun editing photographs but having the 'perfect' photo isn't a true reflection of ourselves. We should be proud of how unique and special we are and how God made us in his image. Have a look through the PowerPoint and write out your answers to the questions when instructed.
  •  Staying safe online is important for both children and adults. Have a try at some of these games from the National Crime Agency about cyber crime.
  • Use the following website to complete some Computing activities. They are designed to get children using computational thinking such as algorithms, debugging, logical thinking etc but in practical real life situations away from a screen.
Have a read through this PowerPoint to explore how to stay safe online with the help of the characters from Raider's Peril.


Here are some activities to try to complete using Scratch. Remember you may not be able to complete it straight away. Use trial and error to debug your programming. If you get really stuck use the second sheet to prompt you with a solution. Use these activities as a starting point to explore Scratch further and create your own project.



After completing the English reading comprehension task, imagine the Raider's Peril has been made into a computer game. 

Design your own Avatar that could feature in the game. Use the Awesome Avatars worksheet to help you.


You may then wish to design your Avatar on the computer or using apps such as Doodle Paint, Draw Editor, Drawing Desk etc.