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Art and Design home learning

No Drama on Friday Doing Llamas in 6B

6B Bubble - String and Foil Art

Design a game

Have a go at designing a board game for one of our younger children in school. 

Look at the ideas and templates above to help you.

Georgia O'Keeffe

After studying the powerpoint below think about Georgia O'Keeffe's vibrant use of colour and closeups. Try drawing or painting in her style.

There are lots of ideas for home learning in Art on the school Art Curriculum page.



The Art programme above uses painting, collage and printing techniques whilst telling a story.



Recycled craft

What can you make from all those cereal boxes at home?

Try these cereal box monsters or egg box flowers, or an idea of your own.

The World from my Window

Whatever the view from your windows, you are probably spending a lot of time looking at those views at the moment!

We are setting a whole school challenge to produce some art work of the view from your window - using whatever art materials you have to hand: pencil, paint, pastels, felt-tips, collage materials....

Think about perspective - making things further away smaller.

Save your art work carefully as we want to make a display in school.