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Year 6

Academic Year 2017~18


Welcome to Year 6!


Welcome back to school Year 6! If you have any ideas that you would like to add to this page, please let Miss Ferguson or Mrs Tempest know and we will see what we can do. 









Worker of the Week - Maisie

Good Samaritan - Mia

Spring Term 2 Overview







Maths Challenge 

Check out the new maths challenge question for this week.  Remember Year 6, whoever can explain the answer first will receive Reward Points ~ GOOD LUCK!

Year 6 Trip to The Grand Mosque
 Year 6 were treated to an educational visit to Leeds Grand Mosque in Hyde Park. When we arrived, we were greeted by Lasaad, who works at the mosque, he asked us to remove our shoes before entering.

We were seated around the Mihrab- a semi-circular niche in the wall of the mosque, which indicates the direction of Mecca. Muslims always pray in this direction. We were told about various aspects of Islam, such as: how to pray, why Muslims pray five times a day, important figures in Islam and the Qu ‘ran. We were even treated to a very atmospheric call to prayer.

The second half of our visit was presented by Nabilah, who told us about Muslim beliefs and customs. We also learned about the Five Pillars of Islam and even got to try on some traditional Muslim clothes from around the world. Everyone in Year 6 was surprised to learn that Islam was so similar to our own Catholic faith.

We would like to sincerely thank Lasaad and Nabilah for making our visit so informative and interesting. Here are some photos of our visit.




Religious Life of the School


Since returning to school in September, we are very fortunate to have been able to celebrate two Masses with parents, grandparents, friends and members of our parish community.

We celebrated a Whole School Mass to begin the new school year and another to celebrate the Feast of All Saints.

The children from Year 6 who took part as readers, altar servers, or those who helped with the preparations, were all a credit to the school. 

Fr Gerard has also kindly scheduled a series of class Masses to take place over the coming months.  Year 3's Class Mass took place on Tuesday, 7th November and Year 4 will celebrate their Class Mass on Tuesday, 14th November.  Year 6 will celebrate a Class Mass at some point in the New Year and this will be announced in the school newsletter.  











Y6 Assembly

Justice and Fairness


On Wednesday 11th October, Y6 invited the whole school, parents, carers, grandparents, governors etc. to their assembly on Justice and Fairness.  The children were a credit to themselves, their families and our school.  A BIG thank you to all who were able to come and join us - it was wonderful to see such support!  




Pictures from Y6 assembly on Justice and Fairness








Collective Worship

Collective Worship


Collective Worship is an opportunity to celebrate.  We gather together and listen, reflect and respond to the children's own work and ideas.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 1

R.E Displays - topics covered so far

R.E Displays - topics covered so far 1
R.E Displays - topics covered so far 2

Here a just a few pictures of displays to show what topics we have covered in R.E. so far.

Here a just a few pictures of displays to show what topics we have covered in R.E. so far. 1
Here a just a few pictures of displays to show what topics we have covered in R.E. so far. 2
Here a just a few pictures of displays to show what topics we have covered in R.E. so far. 3
Here a just a few pictures of displays to show what topics we have covered in R.E. so far. 4
Picture 1
Picture 2

Science Investigations

Y6 have been studying electricity in their science topic.  They had to plan an investigation in detail,decide which variables to control and explain their findings.  The investigations were about the length and thickness of wires, and how these two variables affect the brightness of a bulb.  Check out the photographs to see how they got on.


Electricity Investigation

Electricity Investigation 1
Electricity Investigation 2
Electricity Investigation 3
Electricity Investigation 4
Electricity Investigation 5
Electricity Investigation 6





Enterprise Week

(27th November - 1st December)

Year 6 have been very busy indeed baking and making badges, fridge magnets and keyrings to sell at the Christmas Fayre. The children thoroughly enjoyed making (and tasting) the Rocky Road biscuits and designed some brilliant fridge magnets, keyrings and badges. A HUGE well done to you all for the effort and hard work you all put into baking and making your Enterprise items.

Year 6 working hard during Enterprise Week. The Rocky Road biscuits went down a storm!!

Look at what we've been learning in music. We've been performing samba music, using samba drums and percussion instruments. It's been great fun and VERY noisy!!




Athletics Competition


A few weeks ago, some children from Year 5 and 6 represented our school in an athletics competition held at Allerton Grange High School. There were many events such as javelin, triple jump and of course track events and altogether, six schools from our local area were invited too.


Out of the six teams, we came fifth - not bad for our first attempt! We were all a little nervous to begin with but as the tournament progressed, we started to relax a little. We all supported each other and even some members of our family came along too. Everyone enjoyed it and we all had a smiley on our face!


By Sam, Eva and David. 

Athletics Tournament

Athletics Tournament 1
Athletics Tournament 2
Athletics Tournament 3
Athletics Tournament 4
Athletics Tournament 5
Athletics Tournament 6
Athletics Tournament 7
Athletics Tournament 8
Athletics Tournament 9
Athletics Tournament 10
Athletics Tournament 11
Athletics Tournament 12
Athletics Tournament 13
Athletics Tournament 14
Athletics Tournament 15
Athletics Tournament 16
Athletics Tournament 17
Athletics Tournament 18




International Week


International Week began on Monday, 26th October and culminated in a wonderful International Assembly on Friday, 30th.  Year 6 chose to study Ireland.


During the week, we spent time discovering facts about Ireland's history and geography, taking part in Irish Art sessions and learning how to speak some Gaeilge (also known as Irish Gaelic).  We also devoted some of our time to learning Ceilidh dancing and just about managed to master The Bridge of Athlone!


Our week was finished off with a cookery lesson.  We learned how to make Irish soda bread and also sampled some potato farls.  Most of the class enjoyed eating the food and the school staff were certainly grateful for the leftovers at lunchtime!



International Week Assembly

We even got to make our own soda bread and tasted some potato farls ...DELICIOUS!

We even got to make our own soda bread and tasted some potato farls ...DELICIOUS! 1
We even got to make our own soda bread and tasted some potato farls ...DELICIOUS! 2

                                                  Clarice Cliff


In art, we have been learning about Clarice Cliff's life and looking at her different pottery designs. She created wonderful designs on a range of pots, plates and teapots. All of her designs included vibrant colours and patterns. Today, we have created some of our own Clarice Cliff pots, and our next step is to let our creations dry out and then plan and paint our own designs, based on the works of Clarice Cliff.

By Jennifer and Emilia

Clarice Cliff Art Work By Y6

Clarice Cliff Art Work By Y6 1
Clarice Cliff Art Work By Y6 2
Clarice Cliff Art Work By Y6 3
Clarice Cliff Art Work By Y6 4
Clarice Cliff Art Work By Y6 5
Clarice Cliff Art Work By Y6 6
Clarice Cliff Art Work By Y6 7
Clarice Cliff Art Work By Y6 8
Clarice Cliff Art Work By Y6 9
Clarice Cliff Art Work By Y6 10
Clarice Cliff Art Work By Y6 11
Clarice Cliff Art Work By Y6 12

Ancient Greek Artwork

More Greek art work and well done to the children who did extra artwork at home. I'm sure you'll agree, we have many talented artists!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4







Year 6 have been training with the Leeds Rhinos Foundation, improving their athletic skills! We have been learning the correct throwing techniques to be used in javelin and shot put.


Academic Year 2016~17

see below..........

Science Day



Yesterday, Year 6 enjoyed a day of science activities and experiments.  We began the day by planting peas and sunflowers in the sensory garden.  The children were able to take their potted seeds home to look after and nurture - hopefully some of them will grow!


After this we experimented with balloons and static electricity, some of us were even able to make the water from the tap move with our balloons.  Meanwhile, others were using plastic bottles and gauze and we went out into the playground to make bubble snakes.  This was a particularly messy experiment!


Before morning break we did an osmosis experiment with raw and cooked potatoes.  We were trying to prove that a solvent can pass through a semi-permeable membrane from a less concentrated solution to a more concentrated one.  Some of Year 6 struggled to cut and peel a potato, yet again!


After morning break we had a visit from a Sport Scientist from Leeds Beckett University.  He explained to Year 5 and Year 6 how Sport Science works and the job opportunities that are open to graduates of this subject.  The children asked many questions and seemed really interested in the subject.


In the afternoon, we had a visit from Mr Moran, who allowed the children from Year 6 to use his virtual reality headset to view what his job involves. The children found this very amusing and there was a lot of comic walking involved! We also managed to make the classroom stink of egg with the egg in the bottle experiment.


Year 6 finished off the day by measuring their heart rates before and after a physical activity and thinking about why they increased. We also went around the playground looking for different types of leaves.     


We rounded off the day with some chromatography as we looked at the different colours that make up black ink from a felt pen.


Healthy Week

As part of St Urban's Healthy Week, Year 6 gave Jamie Oliver a run for his money by preparing and cooking a delicious spaghetti Bolognese dish (without the spaghetti!). There were some super chefs on show who showed off their talents; not only when preparing the vegetables but when helping to clean up too. A big thank you to Mrs Tempest who co-ordinated this feast of an event. Let's hope when the children take home their Bolognese dish, there's enough left for the family to try.

ENJOY! frown

D:side Visit


Today (Wednesday 26th April) we had a visit from David Hill from D:side. The session was to help us increase our knowledge about the effects of drugs and alcohol on the body. We learned a lot from David, and although it was a serious subject, we still had fun when wearing the famous laugh'Beer Goggles'laugh.

Check out the photos and video below and see for yourself!


Still image for this video

Decorate an Easter Egg Competition

Over the Easter half-term, many Year 6 pupils took part in the Decorate an Easter Egg Competition. We had some great entries. Here are the 3 winners.


Picture 1

Clarice Cliff

Y6 have been studying the works of Clarice Cliff, a famous artist from the potteries. Her vibrant and colourful artwork created a storm in 1920’s. We have recreated her works, and have even come up with some ‘Clarice originals’. Aren’t they great!

Welcome back Y6, we hope you all had a relaxing and fun holiday! Below is a timetable for Sat's week so you can check to see what will be happening the week beginning Monday 8th May. The tests begin on Monday 8th May and will finish on Thursday 11th May, then it's PARTY TIME!!

Monday 8th May
  English reading
Tuesday 9th May

English grammar, punctuation and spelling Paper 1: questions

English grammar, punctuation and spelling Paper 2: spelling

Wednesday 10th May

Mathematics Paper 1: arithmetic

Mathematics Paper 2: reasoning

Thursday 11th May Mathematics Paper 3: reasoning
Friday 12th May Party Time!!smiley


Underneath are two useful links that the children use regularly in Y6. BBC Bitesize covers the core subjects, hope you find it useful!

Good Shepherd Appeal

Many thanks to our wonderful Y6 pupils who managed to raise an amazing £259.72 for the Good Shepherd Fund.  Thank you to all the people who sponsored the children for their '3km Fun Run'.  It has to be said that there were a few red faces after the event but the children did themselves proud!


Leeds Young Filmmakers Golden Owl Awards 2017

Congratulations to Emma for winning the Golden Owl Young Filmmakers competition. Emma made a film called, 'What If?'  She very kindly let the whole school watch it during an assembly and everyone in school agreed that it was absolutely fantastic! Emma thoroughly deserves to be the overall winner in her category.

Picture 1
Picture 2





Having fun doing practical maths!


In maths, year 6 have been looking at different units of measure. They had to choose objects around school and approximate their length and width, deciding what measurement tool to use. They also looked at capacity and weight. Check out the photographs below.





Collective Worship


Max, Sam, Olivia and I did our collective worship on the theme, `Sharing and Treating People Fairly'. Max read out the Gospel reading-The Feeding of the Five Thousand. We showed in our collective worship that we should try to help those who don't have a lot, and to be grateful for the things we have. We really enjoyed presenting to our friends and Miss McStay joined us too. We received some great comments from our class - thanks everyone! We got to include our own ideas and we are given the independence to present our information in any way we would like. We cannot wait to do our next collective worship.    

By Max and Emma



Myself, Chiara, Marley and Archie did our collective worship on the theme, 'Loving Your Enemies'. The message of our collective worship was to forgive people, no matter what they have done to you or how you feel about them. The feedback  we were given by our classmates was very good and they especially enjoyed the quiz we set (Lola and Conor helped us out) because it got the message through that we should love everyone. We enjoyed doing it because we were given independence to plan and include our own ideas/readings. I'm looking forward to planning and presenting our next collective worship theme.         

By Frankie




India, Louis, Daniel and I did our collective worship on the theme, 'Friendship'. The class thoroughly enjoyed our own interpretation of the Bible story, The Good Samaritan, because it showed that we should care for everyone, even if we do not know them. I am looking forward to presenting our next new theme. 

By Maddie

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3





  Today, we had a fantastic science/D.T lesson because we made periscopes.Everyone enjoyed it, even though they were difficult to make! After completing our periscopes, we went outside and tried them out. We must have looked quite peculiar. Through the periscope everything looked small and really far away but when we flipped them over and looked through the top, everything was massive - for once in my life I looked like a giant! The best part was that we got to decorate them. It was the best science lesson ever!  



Christmas Party

Year 6 had a great time at their Christmas party. We played musical statues, musical bumps, musical chairs and danced all afternoon. Some of us won weird and wonderful prizes; a few of us even ended up with fairy wings and princess tiaras!



Today, wearing our Christmas jumpers, we played the glockenspiel to the tune of "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" during Miss Heap's music lesson. It got us into the Christmas spirit.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Sports UK

This half term, Y6 have been involved in developing our tennis skills and you can see from the photographs below some of us may even be the next Andy Murray!


"I have loved the sports UK sessions that we have had since Autumn but I especially enjoyed the athletics and it was great when I got chosen for the St Urban's athletics team." (Harry B)

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9

Enterprise Week


For Enterprise Week, Year 6 have been making some delicious rocky road biscuits. In small groups we went into the staff room to do some baking, with  help from Mrs Tempest. My favourite part was crushing the digestive biscuits and stirring the chocolate and marshmallow together. Some other groups even got to lick out the bowl  - how lucky are they! 

By Aaron


During Enterprise week, Y6 decided that it would be a good idea to open a tuck shop.  We did a school survey asking each class what snacks they would like to buy, and then we all designed posters, placing them around school, advertising dates, items on offer etc.   Everyone involved enjoyed doing the tuck shop and we would like to say a HUGE thank you to the children (and parents/ carers) who made it a big success!

By Emma

Enterprise Week

                              My First Concert!                                                        

On Thursday the 24th of November I went to see Jess Glynne perform live at the First Direct Arena with my mum. We got VIP tickets which meant that we got to sit in a private suite! There were two supporting acts: a girl called Raye and a guy called Wretch 32.

Jess Glynne was amazing! My mum and I sang along to all of her songs and we even got up to dance a few times as well! My favourite song was, "Don't Be so Hard on Yourself" but I loved them all.

I also met a celebrity called Michael Parr, who is one of the cast members from Emmerdale and my mum got a picture of me with him.

It was the first concert I have ever been to. It was such a great night; one that I'll never forget!

By Chiara Mentlak.








 Cross Country Running


On Monday some Year 6, Year 5 and  Year 4 students went over to Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School to take part in a 1 mile (1.6 KM) cross country running event. We all thought it was tough, especially in the mud but in the end we all made it to the finish line, even though we had some cuts and bruises!


The children that took part from Year 6 were Daniel, Sam, Harry B, Archie, Max, Louis, Lewis C, Peter, Alice, India, Maddie, Grace and Sofia. We got some really good scores! Harry B came 7th and Sofia came 14th in their category - well done! We really enjoyed it and we would just like to say thank you to the staff who went with us. Everyone from Year 6 would love to do it again!


By Daniel and Sam

Cross Country Running




My Painting

This is a landscape painting that I did using acrylic paint on canvas. To do this I had to sketch it on a piece of paper first, then on the canvas. I did the main colours: blue (for the sea), green (for the trees) and pink (for the sky). I chose to paint a landscape as I hadn't done one before; it was also my first canvas painting.

Next I started to add more detail and mixed a variety of colours with my paints and it started to look a little bit more realistic.  The whole painting  took me about a week. I kept changing things or improving them when I had time on an evening after school and this is my finished result.  I hope you like it! 

By Scarlet Symonds

Picture 1





On Tuesday, the whole class took part in debating. The topics to be discussed were:

. Homework

. Residential

. Should children aged 10 or over be given the vote?

. Corporal punishment.


Alice's team had to argue in favour of the above issues and Sofia's team had to argue against. Miss Ferguson thought some of our arguments were really well delivered and explained, so she chose four people (Alice, Eddie, Daniel and Marley) to give a one minute speech about whether children should be allowed mobile phones in school and should children wear school uniform. We had to try to persuade Mrs Tempest and Mr Thompson with our viewpoints. We all did really well and enjoyed the debating session, (especially the shouting!).


By Alice and Sofia



Picture 1




Year 6 Athletics 

Many congratulations to our fabulous Athletics Team. They competed against 6 other schools and represented our school magnificently.