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Welcome to our Reception Class page!

Here in 'Year R', we areĀ settling in very nicely. Please check back for pictures, news and things to celebrate! Any questions, please ask Mrs Englefield.

Starting to code!

Starting to code! 1
Starting to code! 2
Starting to code! 3
In our Computing lessons, Year R have been getting to grips with the world of coding! We used 'Scratch Jnr' on LearnPads to create algorithms by dragging and dropping together blocks of our chosen code. Our algorithms made the cat character do all kinds of things like walk backwards, turn around and even disappear! This was our first tinker with coding and we can't wait to continue learning this new skill.

Dinosaur skeletons

Dinosaur skeletons 1
Dinosaur skeletons 2
Dinosaur skeletons 3
As part of our 'Dinosaurs' topic in Reception, we have become palaeontologists- investigating dinosaur bones! We used pictures of dinosaur x-rays to create our very own dinosaur skeletons.

Computing: introduction to algorithms

Computing: introduction to algorithms 1
Computing: introduction to algorithms 2
Computing: introduction to algorithms 3
Computing: introduction to algorithms 4
In our Computing lessons, we have been learning about algorithms! It's a long word, but really algorithms are just a set of step-by-step instructions. We pretended to be computers while our partners gave us an algorithm so that we could put on a jumper! After that, we gave directional algorithms to BeeBots so that they would follow a journey around a map.

Made to measure!

Made to measure! 1
Made to measure! 2
Made to measure! 3
Made to measure! 4
Made to measure! 5
Made to measure! 6
We have been busy learning to measure. We have sorted objects (and even ourselves!) by size, compared height and length and used measuring equipment like rulers to record our measurements.

We are busy bees!

Well, would you look at us? We've only been in school for a few weeks and we've already made ourselves very busy! We have been crafting up a storm at the 'Creation Station', painting self-portraits, practising writing our names, developing our counting skills- and all while having a lot of fun!