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With the celebrations of the Holy Spirit that come as part of Pentecost we have been taking a closer look at the Fruits of the Spirit.

This time we have been discussing Love and Self-Control.


The love Fruit of the Spirit means that if Jesus wants us to love someone then you should really show it. Jesus wants us to love people otherwise the world would be a lot more miserable. I show love by helping my mum with the washing up.



Self-Control means that you can calm down by yourself. Jesus wants it to be like this so none of us go crazy. This shows we have self-control everyday as there is no need for us to get upset.



Love is a special Fruit of the Spirit to have. Jesus wants us to show love to one another just as he showed it to us. I show love by caring for my friends and family.



Self-Control means that you do not use violence to solve your problems. Jesus would not want us to act like that.



Love is a really powerful Fruit of the Spirit because it shows how much you like someone or care for them. Jesus wants us to behave with love because then we will care for other people more than ourselves. I will be nice and look after my family when they need help.



This fruit means that you can control yourself e.g. you don't fight people or you don't do anything to anyone that will hurt their feelings. Jesus wants us to behave like this because the Fruits of the Spirit are the words that he wants for the world. I show this fruit by not arguing with people or hurting my family even when I'm cross.